This is a high time that the myth of 'Modi Mania' is exploded. It is like a balloon that gets inflated by media propaganda. Needles to say that anything over – inflated will burst into pieces. It is natural law. And so is going to be the resultant effect of the highly calculated, bourgeoise oriented and deliberate propaganda that Narendra Modi is a man of the era and a pleni-potentinary in the days to come.

Leaders like Arun Jaitley blow the horns that Modi, the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate is the best choice for India. He has also been proclaiming from the roof top that Modi’s vision is for a strong India and his emphasis on federalism will keep the nation solid and safe. No less is the picture of Modi drawn in a large scale by the media.

This is exactly the machinations of the R.S.S. mechanism to capture the younger generation that is addicted to web sites and internet. It is the Swayam Sevak orchestra that has been preparing the lectures of Modi with a belief of winning over the vulnerable vote-bank.

But let them be aware that rationalistic youths are no longer  gullible and susceptible to the fallacious propaganda of the R.S.S pracharaks. The youths have been exposing the trickery of the R.S.S. in the website itself. Any careful observer of politics may have noted that of late, Mr. Modi has been concentrating on the growth and development of the country. His agenda envisages a huge reform oriented and developmental program with a social conscience. Key issues on his poll planks include anti-incumbency, industrial corridors and a vision of strong India.

This approach, seemingly objective may appear to be indicative of a change of mind of Mr. Modi. Cursorily one may even think positively of him. But exact picture of him is different. True it is that Modi has not spoken critically of the minorities in the recent past nor does he mention  about the construction of Ram Temple at Ayodhya.

This is a hidden agenda, besides being an electoral technique of not raising anything controversial but upholding the positive side of public issues. This is certainly a vote-catching device of these seasonal demagogues. Arun Jaitley, the senior BJP Leader, in a recent interview to The Economic Times has said that Ram Mandir has always been in their agenda and they will announce about it in their manifesto due to be released in the forthcoming parliamentary election. Jaitley has also projected the economic blue print that Modi unveiled last week towards bettering the private investment.

What the BJP speaks glibly about the prospects of economic betterment of India, on the pattern and development of Narendra Modi’s Gujarat is not to be accepted in toto. In an interview to Ananda Vikatan dated 1st January 2014, the Noble Laureate Amartya Sen has been categorical in repudiating such tall claims of the Prime Ministerial Candidate and also observed that personally speaking he would never accept Modi as a better choice for Prime Minstership.

Dr. Sen has repeatedly said that Gujarat has not achieved as much growth as Mr. Modi  claims. When the interviewer asked Dr. Sen about the veracity of his statement, the reply that he had given is worth quoting.

“I affirm and re-affirm what I said earlier. Many industries have come up in Gujarat. Major highways have been laid down. Infra-structural facilities are being done expeditiously.

But these alone are not the yardsticks to measure the growth and development of a state. Please think over the fact that if thousand children are born, how many of them die in Gujarat due to lack of neo-natal healthcare and medical facilities? That is more than thrice the number that die in Kerala. In the sphere of education and health, Gujarat comes far below in ranking to Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Himachal Pradesh. If Modi becomes the Prime Minister, there will certainly be a sense of insecurity among the minorities. Such a man becoming Prime Minister, I would not relish and accept.”

Dr. Sen’s allergy towards Mr. Modi is not out of any personal hatred or enmity. Not that he hates Modi but that he loves India more and also  the prosperous future of India. It may be recalled in this context that a pogram was unleashed in Gujarat under Modi’s regime when Vajpayee was Prime Minister.

It is he who as Prime Minister has publically declared that there must be a fair administration in Gujarat. He also lamented that he could not face the foreign nations  after having committed such a heinous crime in India. Even after this, in a comment on treating the minorities, did not Modi draw an analogy with a dog that gets crushed under a four-wheeler?

In  Economic and Political Weekly dated 28th December 2013, has conclusively established that the recent victory of BJP in four states of India is not due to the Modi wave ‘ but to some other reasons. Modi is neither a Lok Nayak ‘nor a’ Maha Purush’ as he is pictured in the media. Even Advani himself has warned him not to exceed the limits in any manner, what so ever.

The real success or failure of any democracy is to be judged on its treatment of minorities in a country. Keeping this in mind, progressive thinkers of our nation should come forward to expose the trickeries and intrigues of communalists and religious fanatics.

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