Q : Has the man appeared from monkey? Or directly arose as a man in full form?
- Mahalingam, Kooduvanchery

Ans: No such direct appearance as a man. As per Charles Darwin’s (1809-82) Theory of Evolution, man has gradually grown from the stage of monkey. But informally it is said that man has grown from monkey.

Q : Swami Vivekanandha says whosoever has no confidence in himself, he alone is an atheist. How do you, being an atheist react to this?
- V. Thirukumaran, Kalaignar Karunanithi Nagar

Ans: This comment is unacceptable and to be objected. Who has got more self-confidence? Is it a theist or an atheist? “Nothing is in my hand. All indeed is from the Lord and as per one’s own destiny”. Anybody who speaks like this is a man of no self-confidence.

Q : Why not disburse the Deepavali bonus on the eve of May Day of the Labour class?
- K. Akalavan, Vyasarpadi

Ans: This is being done in a few places by persons of knowledgeability and clarity in thinking. A lot of others make use of religious functions to hoodwink the public.

Q : What do you say of the aggrieved statement of Bharata Ratna nominee Dr. C.N. Rao that those politicians who haven’t allotted adequate fund for research are fools?
- S. Govindasamy, Perambalur

Ans:  His idea is alright. But his language is not proper.

Q : How do you react to the statement of cruel and oppressive Rajapakshe that no country can command and order Sri Lanka ‘after outrightly rejecting England Premier Cameron’s request for the trial of war-crimes there?
- G. Saraswathi, Jeeyapuram

Ans: This is alike an arrogant language of Hitler and Idi Amin. The history in the past has trampled them under feet and threw them in garbage. Similar risky future is fastly approaching Rajapakshe.

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