The Times When We Have To Act Cautiously

When we are driving a car we have to be on our guard to avoid hitting children or old persons suddenly crossing our path, by reducing our speed and applying brake at once in order to avoid accidents. Just because we have horn to frighten people with a heavy noise, we should not blow it noisily which might hurt old persons in front of us.

Therefore it would be much wiser to avoid getting excited   but to manage the situation. Instant crowds gather when a child or a person is hurt in an accident. Waves of sympathy would flourish instantaneously. But Alas!  No one would rush to do the most urgently needed medical assistance. They should arrange for a vehicle to take the injured to a nearby hospital not wasting any time, and get first aid. It does not occur to many to do this but there are more to watch the incident. A few others fearing police enquiries in future, shirk their social responsibilities.

A girl child studying in a K.G. Class is taken to the school seated on a two wheeler. A boy, classmate of the girl is seated behind her. The girl is standing on the seat and is bending with the typical childish pranks. The driver and the girl fall down at a small pit. There are a lot of   bruises on her face and bleeding in the wounds. The driver and the student also got injured. The girl was brought home.

Her loud crying did not stop. This incident occurred very near her residence within minutes of her departure after saying “bye”. Her mother became very tensed up on seeing this .Her grand father who was engaged in writing in the next room came rushing. Her grand mother rushed from the kitchen.

On seeing blood on the face of the girl, the grandfather starts shouting. A small crowd gathers in front of the house. Her mother could not control her crying. The grandmother urges the mother and elder sister to rush her to the nearby hospital, saying without any anguish “Nothing to fear. Do not worry and cry.” She also instructs her husband that at moments like this we must first swing into action without giving room to emotion. He also soon realizes the futility of such emotional show.

This event is just an example. When such incidents happen in our houses we should maintain calmness and plunge into action needed at once. It is of no use to any one if we give place to our emotions instead of concentrating on what should be done immediately.

The event narrated above took place in our house only! The grand-father who shouted is your humble servant – myself! The grand-mother who maintained her cool is my beloved wife! Of course the lesson is not only for you but also for me!

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