The time of god

There is no god. One who created god is a fool. One who worships god is a barbarian. Who  said that there is god? Someone said, and we know nothing else about it. But will the one who is the head of the religion and devotees accept this? He will say god came on his own, and no one created him. He or none else has shown god. He will assert that god came on his own.

I only call him a fool who created god. Why are you irritated at this? How is it that I did not know, but you come to know that he came on his own and about his self creation? Please watch carefully. It seems there was god and he was powerful.

This god who was known to him, how is that I could not know? Am I a fool? Am I a scoundrel? Are the two great men who are with me, scoundrels? Are those idiots with you all great men? I question because I have sense. I have the right to use my sense and so I ask.

The making of god

What did he, who said there is god, say to you? First of all there is no god. This idea was of recent origin in human history, which began just 3000 years back. There was no god before this. No one knew anything about the mention of god. It thundered and someone said there is a master for this thunder.

There was wind. In the same way someone said that there was a master for this wind; so about darkness and light. Please carefully watch what I say. These fellows only made out the story that there was a head for each one, and the head of all these heads was Indran. There was one to create, one to protect, one to kill, one to darkness, one to daytime, one to death, one to rain and one to wind.

This is how the head of each department was created, just we have today ministers for each department. The vedas started thus saying that there was a head for each department. For the Christian, god was there only some 2000 years ago and for a Muslim just 1500 years ago. It got changed a little.

The god of the Brahmins started some 3000 years ago, only after vedas. There was no god during the period of Vedas. He created god only after this.

The attributes of god

What did he, who created god at that time, say? He said there is god. When asked about his whereabouts, he said you cannot see. When we asked him how he appears to him,  without being known or understood by  us, he said god is formless and cannot be touched and felt. When asked how to think of god, has said that god cannot be reached through the mind.

Do you call such a person a fool or an intelligent person?  There is a thing that cannot be seen, cannot be felt, cannot be perceived. Then how did you know about it? But he asks us to believe in it. Now tell me, whether the one who says it or the one who believes it, is a fool. Give me any other proof. How can we know otherwise? He did not stop with this. He said god is all powerful, and nothing else moves without him.

He said god needs nothing; that he is of very good character; that he is all graceful loving, and pitiful; that he is everywhere. When asked for proof for all these things, he asks us to believe. What if he is all powerful, but cannot make me believe him? His power was not useful for me to know him. Half of this world population does not believe in god.

Not only me, but 200 crores of people out of a total world population of 450 crores, do not believe in god. God cannot make any of these 200 crores believe that there is god.

One who propagates god, is a scoundrel

Do they stop with this while talking about any god? I say that one who propagates god is a scoundrel. But one who made the gods says that god has no shape or image and that he needs nothing and of good conduct. He said that he is honest. What does that scoundrel who propagates this, do? He builds temples. He makes images for the god who is formless.

Where do you get that image from? Whatever he says, he says by assuming god to be a man. All the religions say that god had no  form. But our Hindus say that god has a form. What form. That can last for ever. Have they got any sense?

One god has one head. Another has four heads, five heads, six heads and so on. He did not stop with it. The enemy of god, ‘Ravana’ had ten heads. In order to enhance the image of Rama, the one headed Rama was made to kill the ten headed Ravana. Therefore he created this false person. Two hands, six hands, ten hands, they went on increasing the hands.

Which sensible man can accept this atrocious grounds? What do we lose without these myths? Can not men live without these myths? Should not men think of all these? How long can we sustain bearing this shame of being a mean sudran? Should not a respectable man think of all these things? There is not even a single god with pure conduct! Siva has five heads and Brahmma has five heads.

Siva’s wife could not differentiate between Shiva and Brahma as both had five heads, and as both look alike. Fearing this, Siva removed one head of Brahma. What kind of justice is this? Why do they need five heads? To eat the rice, why do you require four or five heads? One head for each direction and one to look up to heavens and therefore five heads they say. Why is this stupidity? Where is the basis for this? The one who created god did not talk about six heads but those fellows concocted and wrote.

He said god does not have any form. He said god was above philosophy. It means god is not even truth, but beyond truth. He has no form. Then how did he get these forms? These temples are all full of those images. Is he not who built temple a rogue? Is he not who kept the images a fool? He makes the all powerful god look like a man. He gives him all human form and human attributes.

He says god needs nothing, but he offers food for him five times a day. The fool  gives it. The rogue eats it. Did any one ever feed the god directly? Did he ever notice the reactions of the gods while eating? Did it reach his stomach? We became great devotees because we never noticed anyone of them.

Marriage for the god

He says god needs nothing. But this same fool arranges a wife for this god. One god has two wives; another a thousand and yet another 2000 wives. What is a wife for? Does he realize anything by doing so? Not only he arranges a wife but also arranges marriage for him. Not only once, but every year he arranges marriage for the gods.

The fools we go to attend these marriages never question what happened to the marriage arranged the previous year. Who eloped with her this year? What ailment did she die of, if she died? Or is that marriage valid only for one year? Who questions that? The fool goes to attend the same marriage every year, because god is married, he says. In this way he makes sensible men into idiots.

If god is the personification of purity, why does he need a concubine? There is a concubine for Subramanian; there are lakhs of concubines for Krishna. What are all these for? Are they not beastly? These gods did not stop with the concubines, they had illicit connections with the wives of others, and had been for it. All these things happen in the name of god. It is not only what I now narrate.

The god from Srirangam comes to Uraiyur. The Brahmin thugs carry the god to the prostitutes house, watch and wait for the whole night, and take back the stone idol in the morning. Every year, when there is a festival, in every town, Vishnu goes to the prostitute’s house and Sivan goes to the prostitute’s house. What justice is this? Does man get sense out of god? Or good conduct?

The sympathy of god

He talks of god being love, but which god is kind and sympathetic? Go and see. What ever god you see, each one carries cruel sword, velayudham (the tool for killing) Sulayudham (tool to pierce the body) sword, hammer, etc. These gods carry all these should be in the hands of  rogues. How can they be gods? When love itself is Sivan, why does he need these cruel tools of murder? I say this not for laughter, but for serious reflection.

How he makes a fool of all of us! We remain human beings with all these crude tools. What does god have to do with such weapons? What do the gods, who incarnated as Siva, the son of Siva or Vishnu do with these weapons? They say he killed this one or that one, or the asuras, or the ratchasas, or three crore humans. Are they all sons of the butchers? Or are they murderers? They bear the names of gods.

In Ramayana it is mentioned that Rama killed 3 crores of persons, thereby reducing the  weight of earth itself. He assigned the job of killing humans to gods. If we seriously think  of it, they all may be understood. But we passed by fearing the consequences doing nothing about it. How many of us still remain fools? What does it mean what we criticize? How many has he cheated? How many of them are fools? What is the use of these stories these temples and these gods?

The morals of gods

Instantly he talks about Ramayana, or Kanthapurana or Bagavan or onion. He talks of Vinayaka Purana. In all these narrations, what stands out prominently is indecency and vulgarity.  Which god do you specify to be of good morals? Which god has not indulged in atrocious conduct? Should not the mention of god create atleast sound morals? Having committed all the vulgar criminal acts, and having made us believe that such persons as gods, not even one god seems to be of good conduct.

No god is worth being believed in. How many courts, police and jails? Is this the greatness of god? Therefore the basic reason for man becoming idiotic and for committing evil deeds is nothing but god and the stories about him.

If we change this, man will become honest. If we all turn rationalists, we will harm none. We will realize that everyone is like us. Today religions encourage us to exploit as much as possible. It did not leave any room for development. Therefore, it is only the god, religion, the sastras, traditions, vedas and forefathers who destroyed man’s life and made them animals preventing all growth. You should not mistake me that I am blaming them. But if you spend properly even a little of your sense, you will realize  that whatever I say is right.

When did all of them (gods) come into existence? When were they created, please tell me. It may be 2000 or 3000 years since god was created. After this, the stories of gods and Ramayana were written, say, around 2500 years since. For a Hindu this much only is said. For a Christian it is 2000 years back, and for a Muslim 1500 years ago. Use your sense and reflect on it.

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