The inscriptions on the platform of the PERIYAR MEMORIAL

These inscriptions made into stone edicts installed at Periyar  Memorial, Chennai are  meant to proclaim to the world  for ever, his  ideals and principles.These edicts  sum up  Periyar’s mission and vision. For the benefit of those who have not seen them, we are  providing  the texts  one by one along with our crisp comments.                                                 

- Editor


“Neem will not taste sweet, nor honey bitter  unless there is something  wrong  with the tongue or the mouth;  so also a tiger will not eat grass  unless there is something that has  upset its nature. The Brahminism  also is on the same lines.”   -Periyar.

Periyar draws our attention to a very important lesson he had learnt the hard way in his  life- long  service  to liberate the innocent masses from the clutches of the Brahminical  exploitations. The incorrigibility of the Brahminical arrogance is something that  is so strongly inbuilt in their very being. They have all the protection needed well established through their  religious dogmas and sacred texts. 

This  unbreakable system from which they draw  sustenance  has to be attacked and demolished if we want to maintain our self respect. There are criminals of all sorts in this  world . But history has clearly recorded that  none  of them had continued for long in their crimes. It is not the case with the Brahmins who have mastered the craft of surviving  all possible onslaughts.


“The Brahmins  who claim to be of upper caste, have  gained unjust privileges and higher status through law, scriptures, and religion. I am engaged in eradicating those privileges and  status  enjoyed by them  to the detriment of  the labouring low caste  people. This is my major  task now.” – Periyar.

Periyar here clearly demarcates his  important  area of service and activities. Through very crooked means and devious methods, the Brahmins have perpetuated  and established  their safe position  as the highest category of human existence. Through this system they have enjoyed all the   advantages and benefits in the society without the slightest  effort or labour, shunning away all the risks involved in the  progress and security responsibilities  of the country.

History of the  entire  world  does not have  even one such  crookedness of a whole race for thousands of years. Therefore  such  a well established  social crime needs a proportionate mighty effort to be dislodged and overthrown. Periyar has  therefore  taken up  a mighty  endeavour needed for such a task.

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