- Prof. S.F.N.Chelliah

On 28th September 2013  Dr. K.Veeramani, President, Dravidar Kazhagam (DK) was  travelling in a van  to attend the open air conference to be held  in Virudhachalam. When the van was in the western side of Palakarai at 08-20 p.m. a crowd of about 30 persons came shouting slogans ‘Down, down Veeramani’ with sticks, iron rods  and wooden clubs. They started attacking the van with those weapons.

They attacked the pilot car in front tearing the party flag in it and throwing it away. With a murderous intent, they tried to open the door of the van to attack the inmates. The leader escaped by the driver’s  clever manipulation of the vehicle. There were the flags of the National Yadava Mahasabah on the iron rods in the hands of those  men.


  • On 28the September 2013 the Cuddalore-Virudhachalam  Districts Regional Conference of the  Dravidar Kazhagam – Students’ Wing  was convened with  a grand show of festivity and comraderie in  Virudhachalam  without any untoward event.
  • 15 days prior to this conference, application  for permission from the Police  was submitted  duly for the conduct of seminar, procession  propagating eradication of   superstition and  the open air conference.
  • The day prior to the Conference, the Police Sub-Inspector informed that no permission would be granted for the meet. The Police Department gave such information  knowing fully  well that all the necessary arrangements had already been made.
  • After this information, permission for the meet was obtained from  the  higher Police official.
  • The D.K. cadres who were wounded in the incident were admitted in the Government Hospital . They had been brutally and pointlessly attacked by the Police, when they had come there on hearing of the attack. The Deputy Secretary of the District D.K.,  Muthu Kathiravan submitted a complaint against the Police atrocity on the cadres. But they refused to  receive it.  
  • Later two police complaints were submitted ,one by Ilangovan  and the other by  Poet  Kali Poongundran the Vice President, D.K.
  • After all these efforts, only two of the miscreants have so far been arrested. There is no information  about the rest 28 persons !
  • Of the two arrested , one  belongs to the B.J.P. and the other is a Hindu Munnani member.


Dr. Kalaignar M.Karunanidhi

“I strongly condemn the violence let loose on the leaders and the cadres of the Dravidar Kazhagam. …… This is the land where the great Periyar lived  daring all threats and dangers and taking the followers to a path of glory and success. It is highly regrettable that the Police instead of protecting the leaders  were just watching them  taking no action.”

Mr. Thol  Thirumavalavan

“ This is a clear instance of a well planned conspiracy by a  group to attack Dr.Veeramani. Their professed  grudge was , he had spoken attacking Krishnan the god of their caste. I strongly condemn the violence of the caste  fanatics who identify even gods with caste”

Prof . Suba.Veerapandian  

“The news of the attack on Dr.Veeramani  was very shocking and painful. Those who cannot match the intellectual power of the leader have resorted to such cowardly acts. It is quite evident they seemed to have been emboldened by their dream of coming to power at the Centre in the next elections. Our organisation strongly condemns this brutal act.”

Prof .K.M.Kader Mohideen, National General Secretary, Indian Union Muslim League.

“I am very sad to hear about the attack. Periyar was spreading rationalistic thoughts in Tamil Nadu like a mother suckling her babies. But for Periyar, Tamil Nadu would have been a desert  land  without any culture. Dr. Veeramani has been effectively continuing  Periyar’s Mission. The attack on him is a clear indication of the growing menace of the religious fundamentalism in this land. The Muslim League  strongly condemns such uncivilized acts.”

Prof. M.H.Jawahirullah

“ I strongly condemn the attack on the leader who has been relentlessly spearheading the revolutionary principles of Periyar without any violence. The lukewarm attitude of the Police  in this matter is  very unfortunate which might seriously  and adversely affect the image of India.”

Mr. Elango Yadhav, the State President, Samajwadi.

“We strongly condemn the attack on Dr. Veeramani with murderous intent by anti social elements. We demand immediate action by the Police  to punish the culprits.”

Mr. L.Nandhagopal,  the Deputy Leader of the All India Yadhava Maha sabha.

“Dr. Veeramani is a great leader fighting for the cause of the uplift of the oppressed. An attack on him in the name of  Yadhava Maha sabha is highly condemnable shameful and despicable.”

Mr.M.Gopalakrishnan, President,Yadhava Mahasabha

“I  hereby declare that the Yadhavas are a grateful community and they would never stoop to such low levels of savagery. We would never forget the services rendered by the great Periyar for the uplift of our community. We therefore strongly condemn the attack on Dr. Veeramani”  

There are a host of leaders who have expressed condemnation to the culprits and solidarity with the leader which include Mr.M.K.Stalin,Mr. Nizam Mohideen, Mr.Paramathi Shanmugam, writers Mr.Prapanjan, Mr.S.V.Rajadurai, Prof. Marx, Comrade Indrajith and others.


The daily  news papers Thina Thanthi, Dinakaran, Dhina Mani, Dhina Malar, The New Indian Express all reported the incident with due importance and identifying the culprits and condemning the Police inaction and apathy. The Tamil weekly, Nakeeran  gave a detailed and elaborate report on the incident.


Quite on the expected lines Dr. Veeramani  has appealed for calm and restraint from the  ever enthusiastic cadres. He has utilized this occasion to reiterate  the  traditional culture of the Kazhagam. This movement   founded by Periyar has encountered endless  such provocations and violent attacks and in fact these acts of  barbaric attacks  have  only  added to its  strength  and progress.

Several truths which were not made public  should open our eyes. The Police indifference is an indication  with a lot of  implications .We clearly see their unseen masters and  their  powerful influence in the wake of certain fast  moving political  polarisation in the State and the nation.

But we should never give in to violence and revengefulness.  Attacks on me are not anything new. Attacks on my life were made  in Srivilliputhur, Chennai – Vannarapettai and Salem .What can be a greater reward  for  a person of public life of service and commitment than his  death for  his principle?

I  whole heartedly  thank all my friends and well wishers for their  most cordial  sentiments.


Kavignar Kali.Poongundran’s poetic exuberance and the lyrical  outburst quite aptly  reflects all our  deep emotions and  love for the leader.
“You made some little noises in Virudhachalam

but infused new life through out the world………

Who remembers the name of the attacker?

Only the attacked shines out!”

Yes .We belong to a group that counts  the benefits  reaped from the beatings and attacks on us rather than counting  the  wounds received from the attack. If any one believes in drawing sustenance from violent means, we should like to remind them of the warning , “He who takes the  sword shall perish by it.” Our Dravidar  Kazhagam is a living demonstration of upholding  this policy at all costs.

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