Mackenna’s Gold, an Indian version-Superstition Nationalised!


Is this the way 'developing scientific temper' enshrined the Constitution regarded?

It is one of the strangest of ironies and a very painful development that   even the Supreme Court is  lmaintaining  a platonic  silence  getting away saying that it cannot interfere in this matter.

To make matters worse   the Union Minister of State for Agriculture and Food Processing Mr. Charan Das Mahant,  has taken the  initiative to dig the earth and search for tons of gold  based on the information from  a god-man who seems to have dreamt of this hidden treasure! What makes it  a complete mystery and a highly regrettable  shame for the country is  that  this Minister  has announced  that  he has started this gold  excavation  mission after duly informing the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister, the Home Minister, the Minister for Mines  and Lignite, the Minister for  Archaeology, Sonia Gandhi  Rahul  Gandhi, and the Department of  Geological Survey of India.

Is the stand of The Supreme Court of India ideal ?

The stand of the  Supreme Court of India in a petition filed against the earth excavation exercise for gold bars states it is not inclined to interfere in the issue. It is a matter of painful concern.

Art.51A(h) of Indian Constitution emphasizes the development of scientific temper as a fundamental duty to be performed by every Indian citizen. Is it not the responsibility of the Supreme Court to remind such duty to the citizens against the superstitious deeds of the Governments which act as per the dictum of dreamer-god-man.

  The Supreme Court  interfered even in the policy decisions taken by the duly elected governments and also in vital cases  and had expressed its opinion differently. We are concerned seriously on the stand  of the Court in respect of the Constitutional provision under Art 51A(h) by  keeping distance from interfering in the excavation for gold bars in Uttar Pradesh.

In the background of sea change in the development of science and technology, launching satellites in the space, sending rockets to the planet ‘Mars’, is it fair for the governments to venture in  support of  the god-man   in the endeavours of  Mackenna’s Gold excavation.

The 'U' turn stunt by Narendra Modi

As the General Elections are in the  offing , the person  dwelling in the dream of  Prime Ministership  entered  into the fray  uninvited and  quit the scene as fast as his  entry, when his initial opposition to the  search for gold  opened the pandora’s  box of spoiling  the votes for him. As we all are  aware , which  ever that  hinders the votes, he will be doubly careful to avoid  and  there is nothing new  about his somersault in his  stand .  He invented instant  coinage  of soothing  phrases to extricate  himself  from  the political tight corner.

The lukewarm attitude  of the  Judiciary is  not only intriguing but really hurting the sentiments of those who go  the science way. The most  important question before the citizens of India is: Should we still  move along with the superstitions  of the stone age, tied down to the exigencies of the vagaries of blind beliefs while, the Government   is conniving at  such  senseless  moves?

There are  good many  lessons before us to toil and succeed in achieving  tangible  and definite progress. Look at Israel! This  country  has achieved  very quick progress converting  the dry lands into rich cultivable area only through their hard work and  technical  application.

It is the primary duty of the Government  to lead the people   making them believe in  hard work rather than in  superstitious luck  and  hidden treasures, which alone will take the country  in the path of  progress  We express our deep shock and disappointment at the  move by the Government’s   covert support to  superstitious  acrobatic   exercises of the  religious fundamentalists.

On the other hand, there are enough number of tons of gold, hoarded in the temples at Tirupathi,  Thiruvanthapuram, Guruvayur etc. The Government could issue bonds to our deities, since our gods are very compassionate, they would definitely co-operate. Is it not!

President, Dravidar Kazhagam


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