- Palany. Arangasamy

Ghana (Africa)

Thanthai Periyar no longer needs an introduction in various European countries and also in the United States of America. More familiar his memory is in South-east Asia especially in Malaysia, Singapore and Burma. A day has come for the image of Periyar to spread and his policies to be disseminated in Western Africa and in Emirates of Arabia. One who had taken that pride of Globalising Periyar and carrying Periyarism is none other than Mr. V. Anburaj, General Secretary, Dravidar Kazhagam.

Coinciding his visit to Ghana and Gulf countries is the 135th Birthday celebration of Thanthai Periyar and the First Anniversary of Periyar African Foundation formed at Accra, the capital of Ghana on the 16th of September 2012.

In Accra, the capital city, Mr. K.C. Ezhilarasan  the President of the Foundation extended hearty welcome to all the participants. Mr. Salai Manickam, the Executive Secretary outlined the objectives of the Foundation in his power-point lecture. Ghana’s Natural resources Minister Mr. Inusaf, India’s Ambassador to Ghana Mr. Agnishkumar, Accra university Register Mr. Adam Tango, African centre consultant  Mr. Bakkari and Mr. K.C. Ezhilarasan were among those who were present on the occasion.

Periyar African Foundation is a Non-Governmental and non-commercial service organisation. It aims and objectives include the enunciation of humanistic principles, self-respect and economic uplift among the poor and down-trodden. Also the obtaining of industrial progress and technical know-how for transporting them to the rural masses. As a prelude to this progressive effort, an MOU has already been signed by Periyar Maniammai University with a Ghanian University, a few months back. The Foundation has planned to extend its munificent activities with the co-operation and timely help of Punjab Agricultural University.

Medical camps in the rural areas are also in its Agenda. Rain harvest occupies a major role in its future plans.

Dr. Abhu Sakara, Leader of Ghana People Convention, and Mr. Bakkari Sadiq were all in praise of Periyar Maniammai University and its academic progress. They also recollected the memories of their visit to the university and made a mention of the environmental ambience of the institution.

A member of the staff of Ghana Radio station came in person and interviewed Mr. V. Anburaj. Both in the annual function of the Foundation and that of the Radio coverage, he spoke on the dynamic principles of Thanthai Periyar and explained how the great leader strove hard to drive home his rationalism and humanism unmindful of the obstacles that blocked him on the way. More than six decades of his life, Periyar spent on the eradication of casteism, superstition and murky ignorance of the gullible public, he added.

Excerpts from the speech of dignataries Hon. Inusah Abdulai B. Fuseini, Minister of Lands & Natural Resources, Ghana.

I am interested to associate with Periyar African Foundation. My primary reason to attend the Periyar African Foundation event was the motivation and initiation to touch people in betterment in ones lives. PFA choosing Ghana was a right choice and Ghanaians will be grateful to this foundation.

His Majesty DF. Nii Okwei Kinka Dowuona VI–  Paramount Chief (King) of Osu, Accra.

I got impressed by the PMU PowerPoint presentation and it made him realize that Periyar has families in Ghana too. Ghana needs helping hands. Periyar African Foundation can help Ghana attain greater height through its objectives.

Dr. Abu Sakara, Presidential Candidate of Convention People Party, Ghana.

The objectives of Periyar African Foundation have grabbed my attention and reason for participation in the event. I am very much impressed by the classic PMU power point presentation showed during the event. I am inclined to work and wishes to extend all kinds of support to the Periyar African Foundation.

Dr. Adam Tanko Zakariah, Registrar ofUniversity of Development Studies, Ghana.

I am happy to appreciate and to express gratitude for the interest evinced by Periyar African Foundation in University of Development Studies, Ghana. The University of Development Studies & Team visited India owing to the support and initiative of Periyar African Foundation which resulted in signing of MOU with Periyar Maniammai University. The visit to India has also enabled University of Development Studies to sell itself in Indian sub-continents of the institutions & organisations.

Mr. John Bentum-Williams, Former Ghana High Commissioner to India

The objectives of Periyar African Foundation inspired me for the active participation. If you educate a woman, you educate a nation and Periyar African Foundation is trying to do that.

Mr. Bakari Sadiq Nyari, Former Director of Public & Vested Land Management Division

I got introduced to Periyar African Foundation group by a mutual friend which immediately initiated the interest to join the foundation. Periyar’s history reminded about the many unsung Periyars in Ghana. I extend prayers to see how the ideas of Periyar can support and make people stand on their own and walk the path of success.

Dubai (UAE)

Next in his programme was the 135th Birthday celebration of Thanthai Periyar on the 3rd of October, 2013 at Dubai, one of the metropolitan cities in the Gulf. As a special guest of the function, Mr. Anburaj in his address has informed the audience how in various cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and Bangalore Thanthai Periyar was remembered and his services were recalled. 

He explained that  in globalising Periyarism, how the present leader Dr. K. Veeramani has taken effective steps all over the country and abroad. He applauded the Emirate Tamils for having celebrated the 75th Birthday of Dr. Veeramani. Mr. Anburaj  has also recalled how in various cities and towns of Tamil Nadu, the Question and Answer competition on Periyar was conducted and prizes were awarded to the school going children. This method of disseminating the aims and objectives of Periyar may even be followed by the overseas’ Tamils, he requested.

Mr. Abdul Latheef, Secretary in charge of Finance of the Foundation, was celebrated and a citation was also offered to him along with a memento. Messers. L. Govindarajan, Mr. A.R. Mathialagan of Arya Grinding and Packaging, Mr. R. Saminathan of Safire Restaurant Mr. Sathis Raj of Emirate Air lines and Mr. Selvadurai of Dubai Mineral Water and Mr. Gulam were among those who were present on the occasion.

An excellent compeering was done by Mess. Nivedita, an Alumnus of Periyar Educational Institution.

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