Contemptible God-men!

Many customs and tradition are in practice today  in the society. They are so, neither because of their relevance, suitability and appropriateness nor on any rationale behind them. Even if people do not accept them individually, they do practise with  the excuse that non practising of such customs and traditions would cause disrespect to them in the society.

Ultimately, they adopt such practices despite their poor opinion about them. Sometimes, the practice of meaningless customs offers to such practitioners  a sort of  reverent image among the ignorant masses in the society. In this environment, adamant practices of such customs continue to prevail. The barrier in the mindset of such practitioners has to be erased  by the rationalist propaganda.  

Such customs and practices go beyond the belief of god. Without accepting god, many are practising the meaningless customs and manners. In such  social conditions, the belief in god-men and their command causes adverse and incurable malady in the society.

In course of time, god-men become exploitative and power-centric and they become the preserving  forces for the prevalence and sustenance of superstition among various sections of the society – irrespective of the educational, and economic background of the people.

More than the concept of god, god-men are dangerous and detrimental to the society. God is non-existing. The impact of the concept of god is based on the level of ignorance of the masses. The gullible nature of the people is exploited by the intermediaries such as priestly class. The belief in god may be set aside to a substantial extent through rationalist propaganda.

There is no proactive role from the side of god, since it does not exist. If the intermediary elements in between god and the devotees are eliminated or deployed in some other avenues, the institutional belief in god may be eradicated. By curtailing the intermediaries, it is easy to smash down the belief in god dogmatically.

In the case of god-men,  their functioning is self-styled and the process gets initiated by the god-men themselves. Subjective mindset of the devotees is the main source of the exploitative business of god-men. More than the gods, god-men  easily attract though not on a large scale but  a specific section of the society.

The biological element is involved while comparing god and god-men. God cannot speak. The sermon of stony idols and metallic moulds are interpreted and explained by the priestly intermediaries. In the case of god-men, they speak in a palatable manner  to their devotees. The attraction of devotees towards god is based on imaginary instinct, but it is realistic in the case of god-men.

Moreover, the human mindset is aroused in curiosity towards the matters which could not be easily understood in an ordinary and normal manner. Further it leads to some sort of admiration of such matters. One such stimulative activity is ‘miracle doing’. By carrying out ‘miracles’, many god-men are attracting people towards them. Magic masters also do such ‘miracles’. 

But the difference between god-men and magic masters lies in the mere objective outlook possessed by the audiences. In the case of god-men, the audience-devotees are subjectively involved.  Magic influence will become NIL once the show is over.  In the case of god-men show, it continues after the meet and sustains due to the subjective involvement.  The false belief of salvation lying in god-men continues.  These are the major advantages available to god-men over god.

In addition, the biological mobility of god-men has a significant edge over god.  In the process of exploitation, the prospective exploitee must come towards the exploiter or else the exploiters have to go to their target group for the expansion and diversification of business, for eg., establishing mutts or centres at various places as a process of institutionalisation of their activities. 

They make periodical visits with spiritual terminologies like ‘gracing the centre to offer darshan to the devotees’.  Depending upon the economic and social status of the devotees, various categories of products of god-men are available in the market.  Informative and needy devotees will go and avail the divine products at the manufacturing place itself instead of at the market. 

The elite god-men remain as illusive brand ambassadors to the big corporate houses. From the requirement of countrymen to the large Corporates, the god-men assume their uniquely designed self style.  

Sexual exploitation by god-men is less known to the world than the degree that actually happens.  The weak minded women folk who approach god-men to solve their problems fall a prey to the beastly sex-behavioural cult of god-men.  Many women after falling prey to the sex hunger of god-men are hesitant to reveal the  truth to others.  This concealing of indoor deeds is advantageous to the furtherance of sex perversion of god-men. 

Many women who are mentally ill due to socio-economic and psychological environment in their family are brought to the god-men by the family members forcefully.  Later when they come to know about the sexual exploitation of their women, they detach them from the family.  Forbidden women are in plenty who lead the rest of their lives in destitute homes and mental hospitals. 

The exposure of the deeds of god-men receives anger from the public only temporarily.  The god-men overcome such situation with their money and muscle power.  Even print & electronic media are exposing individual’s misdeeds of certain god-men and in the net, they remain as passive supporters to the concept of god-men.  

Above all, the god-men, once they achieve public significance, they automatically get the patronage of political rulers and the executive machinery of the governance of the country.  The patronage of political rulers gives a  fortified protection to god-men to conceal their misdeeds. 

The political rulers keep an eye on the vote bank of the devotees behind such god-men as well as the avariciously amazed wealth of the god-men for their political survival.  God-men feeding the political rulers is not visibly known to the public. Whenever religious tinge is favourable to them, god-men are expressive of their loyalty to their religion.

When the religious colour is disadvantageous to their deeds, god-men conveniently detach themselves from religion. At that time, they will not be hesitant to declare themselves even as non-religious.  Sometimes, they become neutral which would favour them to attract the  devotees affiliated to different religions.

The secular state silently  watches the god-men and their activities.  The secular state is made useful to god-men by the political rulers thereby the secular state has been undermined to the level of agencies safeguarding the interests and the activities of god-men.  It also fetches the attention of the devotees in the spiritual market where gender-competence has made an inroad and god-women are also efficiently carrying out the spiritual business exploiting the ignorant masses.  

After witnessing the victimizing activities of god-men, the progressive individuals and organisations striving for the well being of the masses and the society should not remain passive.  The protest voice of ‘Beware of God-men’ must be proclaimed aloud.  The propaganda activities have to be carried out to reach the masses to enlighten the mindset. 

The rationalist organisations should necessarily assume a leading role.  Periyar Movement is on a continuous war path and campaign of ‘Beware of God-men’.  Already the Movement has made deep inroads by adopting various cultural, audio-video techniques in the propaganda activities.  The Tamil audio album ‘SAMIYARGAL JAGRATHAIYAMMA’ – (‘Ladies, beware of god-men’) is popular among the public and has made  an  impact on  the masses significantly.

Public opinion has to be mobilised to influence the political rulers to enact Legislation to watch minutely the activities of god-men and auditing in a specialised manner the wealth amassed by them. Though some activities are initiated on these lines, the pace of progress is far below when compared to the galloping race ensured by the god-men. 

The passive posture of the public cannot be construed as the approval for the deeds of god-men.  In the secular country, the revolt against god-men must gain momentum.  The ball has started rolling and the moving ball has to gain the required velocity.  Once the velocity gets picked up, the victory will not be far off.

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