Pope Francis said atheists could take moral decisions just like religious people, in an unprecedented letter to a left wing Italian daily. “The question for people who do not believe in god is listen to their consciences. Also for those without faith, sin is going against their conscience”, he said.

Letters to the Editor


The Editor,
The Modern Rationalist, Chennai.

Dear Sir,

We welcome your passionate article in the Modern Rationalist, of Aug 2013, about an apprehension about a judgment of the Supreme Court in the appeal filed by the Adhi Sivacharia’ Association to cancel the Tamil Nadu Assembly move to appoint Archakas to Temples from any caste if otherwise qualified.

Bigotry by Hindu fanatic organizations, remain uncontrolled by the Government dispensations and the opposition is merely satisfied by showing contempt for governmental inaction. Caste fanatics have been thriving / growing in power and influence, in the garb of Hindu fanatics / saviors, without in any way working for the actual welfare of Hindus. What they ensure through is Hindu-caste-prejudices are resurrected, every time reformers try reforming it. Even Buddha’s clarification of real-Hinduism was cunningly cast aside as another religion and excommunicated from Hinduism. They however agree in private that caste-prejudices are unreasonable and need reform.

They also privately fear that caste-prejudices even on religious pretexts, will not stand international scrutiny. A large section of Dalits, OBCs and already converted Hindus stand well educated / informed to understand the game-plan of the caste-hegemonists and only a proper trigger is required to ignite the said grievance to conglomerate all of them behind one banner. The forth-coming Lok Sabha elections in 2014 with a Sudra-Swayamariatha-samelanan, may hit the nail on the head.

Dalit / OBC / Minority MPs who presently form majority in both Houses of Parliament, are indirectly targeted in some form or other (exposure by Courts or Constitutional Agencies headed / influenced by dwijas)to discredit them, by use of sensationalism in the Media The Media never publishes / broad-castes such misdemeanor. That is why we need a Sudra-Swayamariatha-samelanan. It will incidentally give moral courage to otherwise well meaning Judges to express decisions without fear or favor.  

Yours sincerely

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