Red Salute to the Renowned Rationalist, Dr.NARENDRA DABHOLKAR


Red Salute to the Renowned Rationalist, Dr.NARENDRA DABHOLKAR

We  are  extremely  sorry to record  the demise
        of the social worker in the hands of the  

        meanest of creatures  who have obviously lost all the  intellectual battles but who rely on only this stone age  device to stifle the voice of  dissent. We strongly condemn this dastardly act of the cowards and request the  persons concerned to book the culprits at once and  punish them severely.

Mr. Dr.Dabholkar  was  spearheading a massive  movement in the State of Maharashtra  against  godmen and miracle workers who  were exploiting the gullible masses  with fake  mystical powers. He was leading a powerful  campaign  against superstitious  practices.  He called for the  devotees of Vinayaka not to throw the idols of the god  into ponds, rivers, and  seas thereby polluting water. In villages of Maharashtra, the Dalits were not allowed to draw water from the  wells. He fought  for  digging wells common to all in the villages. He was instrumental in introducing  a Bill in the State Assembly to abolish  superstitious practices in the State. For 13 years it was allowed to rot in the lumber room.  Such activities must have surely  angered the  right  wing  activists.

A devious tradition had long been initiated by the racial and religious fanatics in India to contest  opposition  by  ruthless killing of the opponents. The same conspiracy of those  fanatics  has had a hand in it. The Chief Minister himself has  said  that  the killers of Gandhi and Dabholkar are one and  the same which has ironically elevated Dabholkar to the status of Gandhi! This gruesome murder seems to have woken up the politicians from  their political slumber  perhaps  with the loud  noise  of  elections  in the offing.  Atleast   posthumously, the Maharashtra  State Government has approved the Anti-superstition Ordinance. We welcome it and appreciate the State Government!

We earnestly appeal to the Government of Maharashtra to name this Ordinance  after the name of this great  warrior of  rationalism and  social emancipation. We make this appeal in the interests of all those who are involved in social  service and  social reformation.
Dr.Dabholkar was one of the rare individuals who did subject godmen, cults and miracle-makers and superstitions to unrelenting scrutiny.

Red Salute to the  Renowned Rationalist !

President, Dravidar Kazhagam

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