Recently, the scientists of the Council of
        Scientific and Industrial Research’s

        Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology and Harvard Medical School, USA, have found that India’s caste system is not as old as man himself. It says that various castes were formed when people in the North began intermarrying people from the South about 4200 years ago. While the North Indians were of Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Caucasian and European origin, the South Indians were primarily from the Indian subcontinent. They were genetically different from one another and their intermarriages resulted in new groups of people classified as castes and sub-castes. It happened around the time the Indus Valley Civilization began declining and ended about 2000 years ago.

There are many popular conceptions about the caste phenomenon. The dominant lay notion of the caste system is also the most prevalent academic view.

Hindu texts imply that a person’s position is determined by his or her karma. This means that a person’s birth in a certain caste is the outcome of his past deeds in an earlier incarnation. Thus members of high castes have no reason to feel that they are being unduly privileged. In fact, their privileges are just perks of a virtuous life led earlier.

The new finding also lays bare the theory that castes were formed because of the nature of work the various caste members had been doing over a long period of time. What is most significant is that it takes away the so-called religious sanction from the caste system. It is something like the Darwin theory or the evolution theory challenging the creation theory, held as infallible.
- Excerpts of the Editorial of The New Indian Express – August 13, 2013.

There is a popular debate -issue about the
        interpretative perception of an individual,

        subjected to the question of explaining the appearance of ‘brinjal’(egg plant) who answered as ‘brinjal is like moringa (drum stick)’, leading to the conclusion that the concerned individual had never seen either brinjal or moringa.

Evolution theory founded by the naturalist-scientist, Charles Darwin is purely scientific where as the caste system prevalent in the  ‘holy ’country  originated with  religious sanctity. As per the evolution theory, the present human is the resultant effect of evolution from the primitive living organisms spread over many millenniums. The up-gradation of living things got resulted due to the ‘spontaneous mutation’ i.e. the sudden natural change in the genetic formulation of the erstwhile living things. In the field of Genetics & Breeding especially in agricultural technological advancement, ‘induced mutation’ i.e. changing the genetic formulation subjecting the seeds or other parts of the crop to radiation, is very common. The outcome of the induced mutation may be either beneficial or otherwise insignificant. The popularisation of mutated strain  may take up its course as per the prudence of the scientists and policy makers.

The caste system  that prevailed in the country is unique, cunningly designed in the name of god and religion which was made unquestionable, ought to be practised as blind  belief and  faith , failing which the violators of the caste system would face  worries and woes in mundane life and  with due punishment in their so called eternity. No doubt, the technical template of economics i.e. the division of labour prevailing in the society is definitely not birth based, but on societal needs. Dr.B.R.Ambedkar aptly picturised the prevailing caste system as ‘division of labourers’. Division of labour is acceptable but division of labourers has to be opposed tooth and nail. The mission of eradication of division of labourers was shouldered by Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, Sri Narayana Guru, Periyar E.V.Ramasamy etc.

The caste system prevailing is due to  the induced tactic to the advantage of certain section of the society to safeguard their supremacy and previleges. Evolution  is spontaneous but designed caste system is artificial and imposed. The protective features to sustain the caste system is god and religion. Science and Religion are contradictory fundamentally. Caste is based on religiosity and blind faith. Evolution theory is scientifically proved. Forming scientific bases for the caste system is akin to mixing oil with water. The initiatives taken by the scientists of the Centre of Cellular and Molecular Biology and Harvard Medical School, USA is similar to that. Their initiatives and efforts are of fabricating nature. Scientists without scientific temper are futile to mankind. Their misunderstanding about the caste system is  maximum . Let not such misunderstanding  be deliberate or else  they hod the blame of inflicting an intense injustice on the scientist fraternity.

- MR

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