Are there 90 thousand young widows of Eelam Tamils in Sri Lanka’s North east region?
- D.Rani, Cumbum

Ans: This has already been said by the U. N. Report on Sri Lankan war crimes

Who are the rationalist and who are the Atheists? What is the difference between  the two ?
- L. Praveen Kumar, Chennai

Ans: One who deeply  rationalises,  not excluding religion and god is a rationalist. One who thinks with clarity and comes to a decision is an atheist. He will unhesitatingly apply his knowledge and wisdom. Moreover, as per the tenets of Hinduism, one who denies the existence of god is not an atheist, but he who denies the Vedas is an atheist.

Even though the language is one and the same, why in some states, there is a clamour for division and separation?
- C.K. Veeran, Nandambakkam

Ans: Everywhere a deep – rooted feeling remains for further growth, development and opportunities. That is the real reason. Politics mingle with it.

A set of 387 Hindu temples were demolished in Sri Lanka. Why have  the Hindus in India  not made  hue and cry?
- M. Usha, Pulichakkadu

Ans: The Hindu organizations herein, do not exhibit any emotional upsurge in favour of Eelam Tamils. The reason is that they do not have any comraderie  and love towards the Tamils. The feeling of oneness and ethnic affinity with the Eelam Tamils is not as much to the Agraharam Tamils as we do have.

Why does the Sangh Parivar Coterie refer that the division of Aryans and Dravidians is merely fictitious, conveniently forgetting the fact that Golwalkar himself has written   the Aryan race?
- K.M. Sarasu, Walajah

Ans: Only a few have known about Golwalkar. Those who are in the know of things about him deliberately hide the fact. Even the tenets of Manu Dharma refer  to  the Dravidians.

Will ambition be a qualification?

- Mr. Moorthy, Chennai

Ans: Certainly not. Desire with qualification is justifiable. It is essential  to be ambitious only after enhancing the qualification.

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