Joy of Living – 25


Dr.K. Veeramani

There is an article published in a monthly recently with a report on why people are tossed up because of anger and the circumstances that create that situation. There is an important information. The World Health Organization has published a report in 2002, on the good life of the people in this world. It mentions that every third person in the world sometime or the other seeks the help of their family doctor regarding their mental stress.

They seem to have confessed that their stress was the sequence of their deep sorrow, sudden wrath and a kind of depression. Such a problem is found among persons of all ages. The fast ways of life, inability to put up with cut-throat  competitive situation, the disappointments owing to non-performance and not keeping them under our control cause the explosion of bad temper with the members of the family colleagues and friends. All animals including human beings are susceptible to getting excited.

Joy and anger are the outward expressions of several kinds of feelings. If we suppress anger, it may result in great harm and danger. In the medical point of view it may not be, proper to advise to suppress anger. In fact it is better to allow it to explode. Otherwise it may cause heart diseases according to doctors. It is easy to advise people not to get angry. But, is it so easy practice it in life? It is not, at this stage, very important to find out the reasons. The consequences are very important, both in the social life and personal life.

Mr. Thieh Nhat Hann a Vietnam Buddhist scholar  recommended for Nobel Prize has written a convincing article on anger with the angle of the Buddhist grace. He has made a deep research on how to control anger and concludes that both body and mind are not separate entities. He beautifully describes how each is intimately related to the other, and the friction between the two is inevitable.

One who advises cannot take such advice on anger! The modern medical stand is, if the mind gets sick it directly affects the body. It is therefore very important to keep our minds intact. When the tides of anger wash us a way, we can escape it by jumping a little above them. We may then really succeed.

We should be prepared to leave the place at once and divert our attention on other matters, when we get angry, and not continuing the conversation. They have medically confirmed that the anger that appears while eating causes indigestion. In the same way, if we get angry when we seriously ponder over matters many good items may skip our attention. The experts say that the relaxation techniques, of exhaling and inhaling deeply are the simple ways of keeping anger in control.  

But  it is possible  that we should never get angry with anyone at any time in our life? It is possible for the employers to avoid anger with the irresponsible employees. Can the social revolutionaries hold back their wrath with those who deem the sty of social slavery as sandal wood paste and get immersed in it? Will it be just? 

Therefore, there are always two sides for an issue. It there are two kinds of anger, one that causes harm and the other causes good things we have to prefer the latter. Even in conjugal life when the couple avoid their real anger and indulge in feigned anger, and found enjoyment in it can we blame them for it? Let us therefore master anger lug falsifying it.

Translated by :
Prof. S.F.N.Chelliah