Many of us very often are embarrassed that some good pieces of news, or some new thoughts that occur to us from time to time are forgotten. Yes, it is true. There are plenty of news items and thoughts kept stored in our minds. It is quite natural that we forget them. There are some important persons who are not an exception to such forgetfullness. They often confess that they wanted to tell us many things important, but they have now forgotten them all now. For these reasons it is very important to keep always with us a small pocket size note book and a pen.

Whatever that occurs which flashes in our mind can be recorded there in small hints. They will be very handy later. It will be of great use that we can benefit from it if we jot down the point and number them, before one meets a person. He may transact fast and get very good results with this. Some of us do not have even pockets in our clothes saying that in not fashionable to keep pockets. It there are no pockets, there can not be pens either.

These are the types that borrow pens from others even when they have to sign. Such persons must have inspired the habit of keeping the cover of the pen and giving only the bottom when people borrow pens! They are in this way a good example of ‘pen friends’! How ever it is a very useful practice to keep a small notebook and pen in the pocket always.

This will surely avoid waste of time for many. To some of us very good thoughts used to flash while travelling by bus or during walking exercise or while being in a toilet. They may note them as soon as they end the activity. Later when there is enough time, then they may write them in detail. If we cultivate a habit of disciplined upkeep of things that we use, assigning proper focus to them, we may save a lot of time labour.

Recording some signification new items, some interesting thoughts and certain information that we may access in the communication media may all be safely recorded and edited. This will strengthen the activities of the brain and yield to us good results. Do you want to remember everything safely? You can achieve by following two methods.

One is, not feeling lazy we should record them without postponing; the other one is, convey the matter orally to your friends. You will never forgot them later. I should like to share an information with you Thantai Periyar who lived up to 95, had always a small notebook by his side and used to insert some important interesting news items in paper cuttings. If you have not yet made a notebook and pen ready, do it at once.

Translated by :
Prof. S.F.N.Chelliah

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