Ques :Will there be an Agricultural Revolution in India ?
-V.Duraipandian, Thiruthuraipoondi

Ans : Suicides of farmers continue to be, because of the failure of rains, denial of waters by the up-country States, drought conditions and also due to poverty. A stage is being set for the Revolution of Agriculturists much earlier than Agricultural Revolution.

Ques : What do you think of the poetical utterance of an ancient Tamil Poet of the 2nd century, ‘Every place is my own and everybody is my kinsmen’?
-  A.Salim, Korukkupet

Ans: An undeniable evidence and a source to ensure the humanism and cosmopolitanism of the Tamil race.

Ques: Even when countries like the USA have undergone economic crisis, India has rescued itself to a very great extent. Can you please comment on this statement ?
- K.Purushothaman, Ponmalai

Ans: India hasn’t gone down that much because of the fact that such uncontrolled liberality of those US banks is not here. The banks in India are hesitant to extend loan facilities even when Government wants them to do.

Ques:What is the reason to say that God is not to be believed ?
- Periyar Pinju, Mettupalayam

Ans: Don’t believe what is not there. Even when his idol is lifted and his cash collection box or chest is ransacked , he doesn’t react. Doesn’t open his mouth, if there is any. Is it not an evidence that God- head  doesn’t exist ? No evidence or incident whether he opened his mouth and set right the matter. Hence we say so.

Ques: Is it acceptable to say that Ravanan, the imaginary character is of Dravidian race ?
- V.Maran, Thirumalairayan Pattinam

Ans: This is said to differentiate one culture from the other. If Rama stands for Aryan culture, Ravana is for  Dravidian

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