The role of bureaucracy in any Government is extremely important. Unfortunately, the perception is that, the bureaucracy is wooden, corrupt or inefficient, an inference which cannot be generalised. A person like Shri Vallabhai Patel, first Home Minister of Independent India described Indian Civil Service as an Steel Frame and was keen to protect it even after transition to  Independence.

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The initiative of the author to write the book , ‘Some Reflections on Ethics’ and the resultant publication is good and useful to the beginners who want to understand ethics and philosophy and conceive them in a conceptual way. First author has to be appreciated for his simple and lucid explanation about the complicated topics.

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Greetings to Hon’ble Mr.K.Siddaramaiah!

Congratulations to the Rationalist Gesture!

Congratulations to Hon’ble  Mr.K.Siddaramaiah on his becoming the Chief Minister of Karnataka State  with the mandate of Karnataka people and the Cadres and Legislators of his party!

Mr.K.Siddaramaiah is a rare Indian politician who wears his Humanism and Rationalism on his sleeves. His gesture of taking oath of office as Chief Minister  by solemnly affirming to bear true faith and allegiance to the Indian Constitution, is noteworthy . His style must be emulative to  others  who are assigned with the role of discharging constitutional responsibilities in the secular country. On the contrary many politicians , when they take oath of office of any nature, they affirm in the name of god and the respective religion. Such approach negates the secular fabric, enshrined in the  Constitution.

It would be apt to recollect the pioneering as well as model role played on earlier occasions by eminent  statesmen. C.N.Annadurai, affectionately called as ‘Anna’, who formed the DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) Ministry, at the time of taking oath of office as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu(then Madras State) in 1967, he affirmed in the name of truth only without any reference to god and religious sentiments.

When Kalaignar.M.Karunanidhi, took oath of office as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for the fifth time in 2006, not only himself , his cabinet minister  took oath of office in the name of truth and conscience. Such rationalist culture was inculcated by the  Father of the Dravidian Movement  and social revolutionary Periyar E.V.Ramasamy.

True to the letter and spirit enshrined in the Indian Constitution, Mr.K.Siddaramaiah has taken oath of office as the head leading the cabinet. He has proved himself as typical leader representing the entire population of  State of Karnataka, belonging to various castes, religions and other social groups including atheists.

The Modern Rationalist wishes Mr.K.Siddaramaiah to bring  success ,with his rich experience in public life, in  the assumed role and make many precedence to add value to the secular , social justice fervour expressed in Indian Constitution. Greetings to Hon’ble Mr.K.Siddaramaiah !


Why is the Sun hot?

Our local star is very inefficient, says Marcus Chown. And we should be grateful for that “The SUN is a mass of fiery stone a little bit bigger than Greece, “said Anaxagoras in 434BC. Actually, it is a ball of mostly hydrogen gas held together by its own gravity and big enough to swallow a million Earths.

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