It is a matter of real concern all over the world today about the decreasing readership of books, guides and information sources. Internet,  paucity of time for leisurely activities like reading and conversing, an exaggerated claim that there is no enough time are some of the factors that have contributed to a heavy toll in the sale of books.

In circumstances like this, four astonishing books by a great comrade D.Gnaniah have occupied the centre stage in the book stands allover Tamil Nadu. Com.Gnaniah at 93 now, is still in the prime of memory and reason. A graduate from Madurai, American College, he joined the Communist Party of India, banned at that time. He continues there with the same force of conviction, dedication and simplicity. His books are the  best illustrations of erudition, depth, authenticity and scholarship. The straight forward simple narration is a speciality of these books compelling the readers to complete them at one stretch.   

The absorbing reading is mainly owing to their abundance of authentic  and accurate details, so far not seen the light of day. Anyone who wants to equip oneself with accurate, authentic details and statistics is on the matters treated, will find these books a real treat and treasure.

“Varalaatril Aarvamootum Aavanangal” (“Records that inspire us  in History)

There is an astounding list of 15 most interesting, significant international historical occurrences in the form of actual dialogues, between personalities with history, actual texts of speeches, songs, letters etc. opening the floodgates  of historical  truths, screened off from public view by the vested politicians  and religious fanatics. Surely one would exclaim after reading the  book “Oh, brave new world that has such people in it”.!

Authors: Dr.V.Jeevanandam & D.Gnaniah
publisher: Annai Muthamigh Pathipagam 94,
Periyar  Road, Palawakkam Chennai-600041.
Language: Tamil Price Rs.150    Pages 188

Quaide – e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah – Unmai Chithiram (True Account)

This book studies in detail contents of the 5 books on Jinnah:  (1) “Understanding the Muslim Mind” – by Rajmohan Gandhi (2) Jinnah “India – Partisan – Independence” by Jaswant Singh, senior leader of B.J.P and a former central minister.(3)”From Facts to Truth “by Dinkar  Joshi (4)”Life History of Jinnah” by Stanley Albert (5)”Jinnah who created Pakistan “by Hector Bolitho .

The new and shocking  revelation is how the  Hindutva forces have been successfully  tarnishing the genuine human nature of Jinnah  projecting him as a Muslim fundamentalist, quite contrary to the popular myth so deeply engrained by the vested interests . History here looks almost a rewritten, strengthening the secular fabric of India. “This Truth” is really “Beauty”  because the author diserves appreciation gratitude from all those who care for the objective and just thinking on public matters.

Author: D.Gnaniah
Publisher: Annai Muthamizh Pathipagam, 96,
Periyar Road, Palawakkam, Chennai -41.
Language: Tamil: Price: Rs.175 Pages: 232

Hindutva Fascism

This establishes the truth of how the Hindutva forces draw their inspiration from Hitler and Mussolini suppressing and annihilating  their minority enemies. They are adopting the same strategies of destroying a race, egged on by meaningless hatred and bias and instigated by religious fanaticism.

He gets at the very root of their strategic plans building of theories to put into practice all their subterranian schemes. The strength of the book is its abundant  facts and figures, supporting and enlightening every argument it makes. By reading this book one would surely be wiser, in understanding the hidden ad twisted facts in history of India, purposefully fabricated by these fanatics. Researchers, scholars, speakers and propagandists of fair-minded public approach should find this book an authentic reference.

Author : D.Gnaniah
Publisher : Vizhigal Pathipagam, 8M, 139 7th cross street,
Thiruvallvar Nagar,. Thiruvanmiyur Extn, Chennai 600041.
Language:Tamil  - Price:Rs.120

“Saathi Muraiyai Thavirka Iyalurma”? (Can we avoid the caste practices?)

The author takes up a very unique comparison between the American Racialism and the Indian caste system. The author quotes Du Boise who says, “No one can deny the truth that, whatever has happened or whatever were the circumstances, or who ever had to be  blamed or condemned, it is the black slavish women who had been the architects of the creation of the New America.

The spritual tradition of Africa has been mixed inseparably in the American blood”. The author continues, “But in India such mixing up has been prevented by the caste systems based on Varnashrama dharma supported by divine ordination” He critically  examines and analyses various efforts in India to eradicate caste, but wit  little or  no effecet. He makes an emphatic statement that the Indian Culture is Brahminical  culture only.

The Dravidian Culture is not an integral part of it The culture of 90 percent of the population of this country did not have any participation in the cultures, education, civilization, arts, philosophy, theology, history politics and economics of this country. They were constantly kept outside this circle”.This book is an  indepth study of the evil of caste conventions in India. In this way this is a true mirror held by a fair-minded person in India.

Author : D.Gnaniah, Language:Tamil,
Price:Rs.150, pages:196
Publisher : Vizhigal Pathipagam, 8M,
139 7th cross street, Thiruvallvar Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur Extn., Chennai 600041

Dr.K.Veeramani says about Mr.D.Gnaniah, Mr.Gnaniah has most emphatically presented his arguments with an absolute scientitic temper and uncompromising firmness. In doing so he has followed Thanthai Periyar, by resorting to his unique method of surgery”.

I am convinced that Mr.D.Gnaniah is a treasure of knowledge coupled with precision and accuracy, a rare virtue among the impressionistic galore of mushrooming writers today. He is surely an antidote for all supertitious ad false propaganda.

Review: Prof. S.F.N.Chelliah

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