Dr. K.Veeramani delivers presidential address

A Seminar on the topic, ‘SOCIAL JUSTICE : Challenges and Tasks’ was organised by Mumbai Rationalists’ Forum, Mumbai Dravidar Kazhagam and various Backward Class Employees’ Associations of Maharashtra.The seminar commenced at Matushree Velbai Sabhagraha, near Nappo Hall, Central Matunga, Mumbai on 24th February 2013 by 10.30 am.

The seminar was presided over by Dr.K.Veeramani, President, Dravidar Kazhagam. Prof. Dr.Suresh Mane, New Era Juris and Former Head, Law Department, Mumbai, P.G.Dhoble, President OBC Welfare Association and V.Kumaresan, General Secretary, The Rationalists’ Forum, Tamil Nadu addressed in the seminar. Puthiya Madhavi of Maharshtra Tamil Writers’ Association welcomed the gathering.

Presidential address – Dr.K.Veeramani

The majority of the masses  comprising 85 per cent of the population of this country has been oppressed both in education and employment. A peculiar situation of majority masses pleading and fighting  against the minority upper class who are at the helm of the governance for their due rights has been prevailing. This  seminar has been arranged like ‘ hit the nail on the head’ at appropriate time.

Indian democratic polity is said to be governed as per the provisions of Indian Constitution.  But to ensure their rights for its implementations  as enunciated in the Constitution , the oppressed  people have to fight vigorously. It is nothing but ridiculing the Indian Constitution by the upper caste ruling class. The political leaders have put at stake, the democratic stature of the country.

In 1924, in Tamil Nadu at Cheran Madevi, where discrimination  was  in practice by maintaining two segregated dining places to the student inmates of Gurukulam. When this issue was taken up to serve food to all the students in one dining hall, both Gandhiji and Rajaji advised for compromise. But Periyar E.V.Ramasamy expressed his protest through his action of stopping  the release of  the periodical financial grant  to the Gurukulam in his capacity as President of Tamil Nadu Congress Committee.

The ‘nationalism’in this land facilitates the brahminical forces to rule this country. Periyar predicted this situation  earlier thus : If country is given political freedom  at present, it would not be democracy. Only ‘Brahminocracy’ would  prevail the i.e. the rule of  the Brahmins, by the Brahmins and for the Brahmins.

The independence, attained in this land is not  a real democratic independence. It is  the rule for the welfare of the upper class. Still that situation persists and continues. Instead  of the present position of ‘India is ruled ’ a situation  should come ‘ the oppressed people rule India’.

Out of Four Estates of the democracy, Judiciary  remains as obstacle in the name of judicial activism by pronouncing  verdict against the spirit behind the Constitutional  provisions , favourable to  the oppressed classes. The fourth estate viz. Press and media are functioning to the advantage of the upper class is obiviously known. They  are the upper caste people  who talk about efficiency  but exchange the secret documents, connected to the security of the country for two bottles of liquor.

The ruling class has been adopting the tactics to divide the oppressed masses further. They are planning and executing  the scheme of things  so that on any cost the different suppressed sections do not unite among themselves and fight against the ruling class.  Baba sahib Dr. B.R.Ambedkar in a very apt way  pointed out thus: as per the principle of Economics ‘division of labour’ is in vogue. It is a way to increase the production and productivity. But Manu (A)dharma divide the working class as ‘division of labourers’ and enslave them. In order to oppose Manu (A)dharma , we have to sink down  our differences and search for the features that unite us.

 Reservation is an instrument to render Social Justice. Reservation in employment is in practice only in Government departments and undertakings. In the prevailing  liberalised economic environment, the scope for employment in Government Services is coming  down. To ensure Social Justice  properly, the legislative measures have to be taken for the introduction of reservation of employment in private sector.

Any amendment to the existing  provision would not come automatically. To bring such additions , the oppressed masses , particularly Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes , Other Backward Class and the Minorities must  get united and launch  jointly  the agitation for the collective representation in employment in all  the sector services.

Prof. Dr. Suresh Mane, New Era Juris and Former Head, Law Department, Mumbai:  We feel proud and happy in participating the seminar jointly with our respectful Dr.K.Veeramani, who remains as the guiding force for us on Social Justice front.

Buddha and Saaruvaaga were the beginners of the Philosophy of Social Justice. ‘Spirit of Enquiry’, advocated by the Indian Constitution as the fundamental duty  of every citizen is the basic concept of Buddhism. The ruling class in this country gained authority through mythology and epics. The basic requirement for such rulers is different altogether. Social Justice has not been made available to nearly 70 per cent of the population. The remaining 30 per cent , governing the nation do not reflect the real representation of the people.

Reservation is a remedial measure, meant to uplift the suppressed and segregated masses of the nation. Such segregation  should not get intensified further. Caste based segregation must get transformed to class based division through the reservation modes. The dream of the nation to be a super power could not  become a reality without involving the oppressed masses. The people at the helm of governance must understand this reality. If they fail to understand , the rulers would be  removed fro m their thrones.

P.G.Dhoble, President, OBC Sewa Sangh, Maharashtra: Art. 340 of the Indian Constitution is the key to open  the reservation measures meant for Other Backward Classes. Art. 15(5) provides for the reservation of oppressed sections in private educational institutions. In the same pattern, Art.16(5) has to be inserted through Constitutional amendment to enable the oppressed sections to get reservation in  employment opportunities  in private sector.

In Maharashtra, the State Goverment is bearing the  FULL tution fee burden of SC/ST students studying in private educational institutions., Whereas in respect of OBC students it is only 50 percent is borne by the Government. 100 percent grant has to be given to OBC students too.

V.Kumaresan, General Secretary The Rationalists’, Forum, Tamil Nadu: ‘ Reservation discriminates the citizens in education and employment opportunities’ – This is the propaganda carried out by the oppressing class of the society. Our oppressed brethren who got benefitted and came up in the social ladder are also supporting the views of the ruling class.

Yes; Reservation discriminates people in providing the opportunities in education and employment. The discrimination meted out is not original discrimination . The inequalities have been prevailing in the society in the name of god and religion. In order to set right the inequalities , the discrimination is administered through reservation. In that way , it is compensatory discrimination.

We have to travel a long way in the path of  Social Justice. New heights , we have to touch. At present . reservation in employment is available at the time of recruitment only. It is also not implemented in equitable term fully. Next, reservation in promotional opportunities the major agenda, to be accomplished. Seeds co-ordinated approach required are already sown in that line.

Concrete agitation path has to be carved out. Tamil Nadu is praised as Capital of Social Justice by the stalwarts of other states. Some co-ordinated approach has to be done. We request our beloved leader Dr.K.Veeramani to chalk out the programme. We have to strive to accomplish  the agenda to regain our due rights which were lost by our forefathers.

Puthia Madhavi, Maharashtra Tamil Writers’ Association : 2500 years back, when Buddhism was in the flourished stage, equality prevailed in the society. Due to cultural invasion, social gradation supported with religious dogmas became the order of the day. Mahatma Jotirao Phule preached that there was no birth based discrimination.

2000 years back Tamil Saint Thiruvalluvar poetically pronounced thus : All humans are born with equality in similar manner . But even in the current century where science and technology have advanced more significantly, ‘ birth based discrimination ’and ‘ divide and rule ’tactics are in vogue. Without getting the absolute mandate of the majority of the voters , the minority upper caste people are ruling the country. The oppressed section must get enlightened and come forward to eliminate the inhuman social conditions prevailing in the society.

A.Ravichandran, Organiser, Mumbai Rationalists’ Forum made elaborate arrangements for the seminar, with the support of the activists of various organisations on social justice front. He proposed vote of thanks beside compering  the seminar proceedings. Many people from Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Class Employees’ Welfare Associations. Mumbai Dravidar Kazhagam. Mumbai Rationalists’ Forum attended the seminar. The open acknowledgement of the participants for  being enlightened on the new dimensions and finer points in the path of  Social Justice, remains as proof of achievement of the prime purpose of  arranging the Seminar  on Social Justice.

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