- Prof S.F.N. Chelliah

The stench that emanated from the countless carcasses of humans of Tamil origin in Sri Lanka has not disappeared yet. The wet grounds that sucked their nourishment from the red flood flowing from the dead limbs of innocent babes, women, the aged the totally helpless crowds and all such hapless victims are still yielding crops of betrayal.

But the hands that can wipe the tears of the surviving humanity are not seen   anywhere. The lawyers that don the black coats to fight even for a loss of a spoon are not sighted anywhere in the vicinity. The innumerable and incessant promises from the political platforms of reformation, resettlement and rehabilitation so profusely proclaimed and highlighted in the media throughout the world are unheard of reality to the entire dwindling population.

The tall talks high level intellectual  discussions and exchange of ideas  among the political analysts,  commentators  and the so called social  humanists have not made  the slightest impact on the  targeted groups. In fact the conditions have gravely deteriorated very fast.

Under such grievous situation one wonders how the whole world is keeping mum watching such a cruel blow inflicted on the hapless millions. Where are the socially committed leaders on his globe? Where are   the champions of human rights? Where have they all disappeared? Most importantly what is India being busy with at this juncture? In the past a clandestine subterranean hand of arms and ammunitions was constantly being extended to Sri Lanka so that the entire Tamil race was wipedout.

This act of treachery must demand a new set of vocabulary to be  aptly described and  to be recorded in history as the most shameful self betrayal.   Even the American resolution seems to suffer from a lot of political bargain,   shrewd calculations, international commitments, diplomatic compulsions and selfish programmes though it is the only international support in sight. The news on 22nd March 2013 from Geneva seems very disappointing and the speed of the move is set at snail`s pace. We have to go a long way in our march. At this moment what are the options left with us?

The significance of the TESO (Tamil Eelam Supporters’ Organisation) becomes obvious and inevitable. The TESO has made three uncompromising mandatory demands.    

•The resolution should include the word "Genocide" with reference to the mindless and heartless mass killings in Sri Lanka.

•   The term "War Crimes" to  fix Sri Lanka of the criminal atrocities.

• A demand for an independent  international inquiry. These most crucial and just demands have been miserably brushed aside and India has sat there watching all these proceedings as if this was someone else`s affair , not moving a single stone. We need a renewed strategy and much stronger programmes both in India and other countries. It is surely a matter of great concern considering the slide in the momentum.

Things are made more complex by the  array of dissenting voices that profusely flow from the political platforms  of Tamil Nadu. Even the most insignificant political outfits try slyly to gain political mileage by jumping into the fray. They have neither knowledge of history nor the maturity to handle such matters of international significance.In this process,  they seriously hinder the progress of the matter.

The TESO has had a very hectic programme in the recent past. This movement was revived with the sole object of securing for the Tamil citizens of Sri Lanka a status of dignity security and peacefulness. Under these painful conditions an effective collective powerful action plan is a dire necessity. The petty minded politicians have been attributing motives to our genuine and focused efforts.

They seem to have completely obsessed with  hanging on to the past trying to pick holes in every attempt aimed at the redrassal for the deserted brethren. They indulge in the futile discussions of what went wrong and who the culprits were. Past is their favourite haunt. They never once consider the urgency of the Present. Their lack of genuineness and a focused attention on the essentials is really distracting those who are seriously engaged in carrying forward the struggle for the affected ones.

India has now exhausted her bag full of lame excuses dodging tactics and half hearted murmers heard only to themselves. In fact she may now breathe a sigh of relief for having crossed the embarrassing situations in the U.N.O. The TESO fraternity has a distinct role to play henceforth. We shall not look back on our commitments,losses,attacks,criticisms and accusations; on the contrary we pledge to move further and further and stronger and stronger  unminding  the loss of political advantages.

Let us now see the activities of the TESO in the recent past.

•    On 5th March 2013, a demonstration  in front of the Sri Lankan  High Commissioner’s Office with thousands of volunteers defying  the scorching Sun under the leadership of Dr.K.Veeramani,  Mr M.K.Stalin, Mr Thol Thirumavalavan, Ms. Subbulakshmi Jegadeesan and Prof. Suba. Veerapandian was successfully conducted.

•    A general strike throughout Tamil Nadu was organised  with an astonishing success, most of the public joining it on 12th March 2013.

•    On 7th March 2013, a significant TESO Conference was organised in the India’s Capital Delhi giving a wide publicity to the tragic situation of the Tamils in Sri Lanka. The whole world heard the voices of agony besides for the first time in several decades even in India, the real plight of those Tamils was given a convincing and a pragmatic publicity.  Such efforts "had been unattempted yet  in prose or rhymes”. by any political or social outfits An enormous amount of hard work and continued labour ensured its efficacy.

•    On 8th March 2013, reacting to the lukewarm response of the Dr.Manmohan Singh`s government, Dr M .Karunanidhi questioned the silence of the Centre and reiterated that the General strike would by all means be  conducted.

•    On 10th March 2013, a demand was introduced by the TESO that the Central Government should also listen to the views of the Opposition members of the IndianParliament on this issue.             

•    On 15th March 2013, the TESO insisted that an amendment in the American Resolution to specifically include the terms "Genocide” and "War Crimes" should be made by India.

These are a few attempts among the innumerable efforts being constantly taken expecting no political or any other returns. The struggle will never stop until reaching the cherished and avowed destination even at the cost of innumerable sacrifices.

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