asiriyar answers

Q: Is the bank exclusively for women, an appreciable step?

- J. Niramala

Ans: Certainly to be welcomed. Are we not the ones who established an engineering college exclusively for women!

Q: Evil to the country – Is it politics or religion?

- N.Bilavendiram, Thirumalairayanpattinam

Ans:  It is only religion; the reason being that politics may be reformed or amended. But religion does not  offer  any such scope.

Q: In the recent conference of Viswa Hindu Parishat at Tiruvanaikovil, the VHP Chief Vedantham has said that Hindus have been divided on the basis of language and religion. Kindly comment on this.

- T.R.Marudhavanan

Ans: This is a deliberate Brahminic side tracking of the issue. This is analogous to that of showing the opposite direction to safeguard the burglars.

Q: Has Indira Gandhi ever used the word, ‘genocide’ in referring to the problem of Eelam Tamils?

- P.Mani, Rameswaram

Ans: Premier Indira said so when she had come to Thanjavur. When Rajiv Gandhi was the leader of opposition, he has invited me for a talk on the problem and said the same word.

Q: As per the current resolution in the Geneva Convention, will Mahindra Rajapakse be brought on trial for his crime?

- V.Parthiban, Karaikal

Ans: If only he has been indicted, credibility on judiciary will be ensured. If not, even the credentials of the UNO will be at stake.

Q: Presently, even when various regional languages are not upto the mark to cope with scientific development, can we drive out English?

- M.Duraisingh, Coimbatore

Ans: Until our regional languages or mother tongues are developed in science and technology, English is inevitable. When the  Brahmins learn English, develop their expertise and go ahead by leaving us behind, we can’t neglect it.  Think  of our trials and tribulations to achieve social justice, in spite of heavy odds.

Q: Is the statement of Brahmins true that ancient sages such as Vyasa and Valmiki who have authored epics are of oppressed classes and Krishna of Bhagavat Gita is of Yadava, a Backward community? If so, who preached the fallacious Vedic scriptures and other fallacies?

- Viduthalai Virumbi, Madurai

Ans: There prevails such  a story . Even if it is true, it is like a knife. Shall we drive the  knife into our abdomen simply because it is in gold? Granting that it is true, why are  these sages  treated  low and spoken of in a derogatory manner?

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