Asiriyar Answers

Q : How do  you view the sequence of events happened in the screening of Kamal Haasan’s film, ‘Viswaroopam ’ even after the due certification by the Central Film  Censor Board? Is it a set back on the freedom of expression ?

- V.Kanizmozhi, Sellur, Madurai

Ans : Definitely it is a curb on its freedom of expression. Ours is a secular Nation – but we will have search for real secularism.

Vote – bank politics dictates the rulers. They want to fish in the troubled waters. Net result, this sort of dilly – dally and at last, compromise.

Financial loss is also another threatening factor.

Q : Prior to the mass killings of Eelam Tamils, Sri Lankan army evicted UN Officials from the site , which UNO also did not either oppose or expose at that time. Under such circumstances, what is the scope of getting remedy over the war crimes of Sri Lanka from UNO?

- S.V.P.Singh, Madurai

Ans : Your question is legitimate and logical, but whatever may be the past, we have no other remedy. So many nations have understood what has happened in Sri Lanka during 2009 May. Even if  you know the particular police station is doing not duty, we have no other choice except to file the complaints and ask them to register the FIR.

We have only one U.N.O. we cannot create a parallel.

Q : Many organisations are vociferous in echoing against the social crimes , inflicted over women; but they do not bother about the centuries old subjugation of women in the name of god and religion. Why are they so ?

- J.Gayathri, Saptur

Ans : It is a easy to condemn it superficially than to go deep and analyse the root cause only the rationalists and Periyartists, having scientific temper- could speak boldly the unwelcome and bitter truths.

Q : No almanac, astrologer or  priest craft had forecast the falling of astro-stone from space to the Earth . Only the scientists have predicted it. But still many universities  are offering courses on astrology as a science subject. How to arrest the  such deeds of the educational institutions ?

- T.Karthikeyan, Medavakkam, Chennai

Ans: Educationally illiterates and learned fools are in abundant number in our India – that is Bharat

Q : The Vedas should not be read by the non-brahmins. The non- brahmins refuse to believe this very fact. How to prove this eternal fact to them ?

- K. Palanichamy, T.Pudupatti, Kannivadi

Ans: Ask any Shankaracharis in the North, East, west, they will openly tell and acknowledge.

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