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Qn : Why do yourself and DK cadres always wear Black Shirts? Is there any significance attached to it?

- S.N.Arivumathi, Madurai

Ans: Black shirt is a symbolic protest against the social degradation, imposed on the depressed and down-trodden majority by calling them shudras-meaning ‘bastards’, or, illegitimate issues, (according to Manu smiriti). To create awareness and to show our awakening, we wear black shirts as per the decision of the leadership of the Movement.

Qn : You are opposing and critisising the Sanskrit prayers of the priests at Hindu temples. But you do not oppose such actions in other religions especially the prayers in Arabic in mosques. Why do you discriminate?

- T.Selvabharathi, Chennai

Ans: It is not a mere question of language; it is a question of discrimination. Priesthood is hereditary – a sole monopoly of Brahmins in all Agamic or in big temples. Priests are not trained in Hinduism as they are trained  in other religions. We basically fight for equality and self-respect for the brother believers.

We are for Tamil prayers even in mosques but there, the caste is not the criterion, for the appointment of Maoulvis.

Qn : Enslavement of women is encouraged invariably by all religions. This is in fact an anti-women attitude of the religions. But many activists of women’s liberation, especially women-folks are ardent believers of god and religion. Why are they so?

- N.Thamaraiselvan, Puducherry

Ans: It is an anachronism because god and religion discriminate women. The activities want to treat the malady only superficially. They don’t want go into the roots of the problem.

Qn : Many people who are academically qualified in science subjects are adopting superstitious practices contrary to the scientific findings. Can we say therefore that science education has failed?

- Aadithya Ravikumar, Chennai

Ans: Science should be taught not only as an education in schools and colleges; but it should also be imparted as a way of life. It is the need of the day.

Qn : As a leader of the Movement, you are representing and fighting for the cause of public good and the self respect of individuals. The DK cadres do not participate in the General Election by contesting for the posts of MLAs, MPs etc., In case of their becoming legislative and parliamentary members; they can hasten the process of well-meaning measures to the public. Why not they be allowed to jump into the election?

- T.S.Megavathi, Thiruvarur

Ans: Ours is not a political party; ours is a social revolutionary movement. We want to lead the people however difficult it is for them. If we contest elections, the activists have to satisfy the gullible masses. Because Democracy is depending on the vote-bank politics. We will have to compromise our principle which we don’t want

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