Periyar’s 39th Memorial Day (Dec. 24, 2012)

Dr. K.Veeramani along with the cadres pays respect at Periyar Memorial

Periyar’s 39th Memorial day was observed by the Blackshirt cadres of Periyar Movement and the lovers of humanity from the different fields. Whether it is Birthday or Memorial day, Periyarists do not consider them for any festivity or as a mere formality The days are meant to remember  the  great social revolutionary and rededicate themselves for the cause of propagating and practising the humanist ideals , founded by  Periyar.

M.K Stalin unveils Periyar statue at Chinglepet

On 24th December , Dr.K.Veeramani along with the  cadres laid the wreath at the Periyar Memorial, situated at Peryar Thidal, Chennai, as a mark of respect . He took the oath followed with the pronouncement of the assembled cadres to rededicate themselves for the cause In the evening of the day, 39 kms away from Chennai at Chinglepet, the Statue of Periyar was unveiled.

First Madras Provincial  Self-Respect Conference, 1929. Chinglepet is an important place in the history of Periyar Movement. It was here , in the year 1929, Periyar convened the significant event of the First State  Self-Respect Conference. It was the first major event  which Periyar organised after he left the Indian National Congress Party in 1925 for the cause of human equality by demanding the provision of compensatory justice in the Party.

Many  social stalwarts of Tamil Nadu who became popular later, participated in the Conference.  While inviting the public for the Conference Periyar proclaimed that  the womenfolk who were socially branded as widows and prostitutes in the society must attend  and their participation would serve the purpose of the Conference.

  An important turning point  which got germinated through the passing of a resolution unanimously in the Conference. It was the socio-cultural practice of the menfolk to suffix their caste identity in their names.

As a mark of relinquishing the caste identity , the leaders  attended the Conference shed down their caste suffix and appealed to the public  to address them with mere names. E.V.Ramasamy Naicker  became E.V.Ramasamy; W.P.A. Soundarapandian  Nadar became W.P.A. Soundarapandian; Sivaganga Ramachandra n Servai  became Sivaganga Ramachandran. Not only the leaders, many people who participated the Conference delinked their caste identity from their names.

This sort of delinking the caste identity turned as historical success and today this feature prevails as progressive social culture of Tamil Nadu, distinguishing it from the rest of the States in the country where people still feel proud in suffixing their names with their caste indentity.

Unveiling the Periyar Statues : Periyar Statue unveiling function was held with the enthusiastic participation of the cadres.M.K.Stalin, Treasurer and the front line leader of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, unveiled the Staue of Periyar in the presence of Dr.K.Veeramani, President, Dravidar Kazhagam. The historical attachment of Chinglepet in the Movement was proved by the mammoth gathering assembled.

On the next day, 25th December , another Statue of Periyar was unveiled by Dr.K.Veeramni at Ennore , a suburb of Chennai. All these statue unveilings are not meant to glorify or worship any individual, but  to remain as a permanent self explanatory propaganda  point  to the passersby due to the inscription of the noble ideals of Periyar like , ‘Forget God; Think of Human ’ etc. at the pedestal of the statues.

The statue installation for Periyar is proliferating which reveals the fact that the rationalist movement, founded by Periyar is marching ahead in the right direction for the equality of human in all spheres.

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