‘Claim that the world comes to an End’ Superstitious Doomsday, proved wrong!

Rationalist Propoganda of Periyar Movement

On 22nd December 2012, the next day of the mispropagated  Doomsday, the functional wings of Periyar Movement viz. Dravidian Youth Forum, Dravidian Student Wing , with the initiatives of Periyar Rationalist Art & Literary Wing staged morning hours ‘Street Drama’ to disprove the superstitious belief about Doomsday, founded by Maya Calendar and popularised by the print and electronic media.

The propaganda event was stage played at the  walking pathway of Marina Beach, Bay of Bengal, Chennai during the busy morning walk hours between 7 am and 8 am.

The Doomsday superstition founded by Maya Calendar, its spread and ignorant ventilation of the frightened masses were depicted through simple stage script. The stage play team showed ample  scientific evidences to blast our the false belief.

Street Play team depicts the superstition of Doomsday

“The Earth will not disintegrate unless it is destroyed due to environmental hazards. Let’s save the Earth ; Oh, Media ! Don’t deceive the masses through the news coverage of superstitions .” With this poetic pronouncement in chorus, the propaganda team mobilised the masses.

Dr.K.Veeramani’s Propaganda Speech

Dr. K.Veeramani, President, Dravidar Kazhagam and Patron , The Rationalists’ Forum addressed the assembled masses as follows.

The claim that the World comes to an End is proved wrong, rather such superstitious propaganda has come to an End. The dead line of 21st December is over. We are alive; the Earth exists; it revolves around its own axis as well as around the Sun too, as usual.

Many people remain gullible; even educated masses are not applying their mind with reasoning. To the extent they study science  as curriculum and avail the career benefits, they don’t possess scientific temperament in their practical life and approach.

The earlier  average human longevity of 30 years has improved to 70 years nowadays due scientific advancement in medical field. The so called fateful forehead design, perceived as if inscribed by gods, is proved false. When astronomical science has progressed to the level reaching the Planet Mars, the astrological scar of Mars still remains as a stumbling block for the performance of marriages to many  spinsters.  

The print and electronic media, functioning due to science and technological advancements are popularising the Doomsday superstition. Is it intellectually honest on their part to do so ?

Superstition of Doomsday is spread based on the strength of Maya Calendar which was designed 5000 years ago. What was the development of science at that time ? Perhaps that calendar might have been designed by the intellect line , that prevailed then.

Will it hold good after 5000 years after having witnessed so many progressive  technology and development? Is there any scientific base in such Doomsday advocacy? What NASA says about it ? Only such fact based news have to be reckoned.

But degradation of the Earth has been continuing due to environmental exploitations. Scientists are cautioning on ‘Global Warming’. Deforestation still continues. Ground water is over-tapped. Natural resources are overexploited  curtailing the share entitled for the posterity Because of these exploitative endeavours only mankind would vanish away but the Earth would not disintegrate.

Society is the congregation of individuals and so every man in the society has to perform his duty. Tree planting has to be ensured in  every household. Greening must become the environmental culture of everyone.

To avoid air pollution the usage of fueled vehicle has to be restricted to the possible extent. The forbidden pedal cycling to the nearby areas must be popularised and practised. Due to pedal  cycling physical health of  the cycler is strengthened, besides free from air pollution.

Dravidar Kazhagam, the core organisational entity of Periyar Movement has shouldered solely to propagate the imperative awareness about the Earth, environment and the humans.  Be possessed of scientific temperament besides availing the benefits of scientific progress and achievements1 Let the endeavours to arrest ‘Global Warming’  be the duty of every citizen!

Long Live Periyar !        Long Live Rationalism!  

Dr.K.Veeramani’s above address was welcomed by the morning walkers and the passersby overwhelmingly.

The functionaries  and the cadres of Periyar Movement assembled, at the propaganda point, in large numbers. Similar propaganda against Doomsday superstition was carried out by the Movement in Thanjavur with the collaboration of Periyar Maniammai University, Vallam.

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