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Question : Recently, in North West region of Tamil Nadu one non Brahminical graded high caste community has ravaged the belongings and properties in another non Brahmanical lower caste settlements. The media critics cunningly attribute the horrible events to the failure of Periyar ideology, striving for the abolition of caste system and point out that it is a setback to Dravidian Movement. The same sect of critics, when people suffer and die due to poverty or due to other economic reasons, do not attribute such happenings as the failure of Marxian ideology! Why do they do so?

- Tamil Selvi, Dharmapuri

Answer : Media particularly the upper caste controlled media always wear different glasses for different persons while reporting or evaluating. Hence this dichotomy!

The Periyar Movement never claims Periyar’s work is all attained and finished. Caste eradication is not either an easy job or one day at battle. The age of the cruel caste system is more than 5000  years. Periyar Movement was started only 80 years ago. It has shaken the very foundation of religion, rituals, god etc. But it is still surviving the last battle. We have to win a war. So many hurdles to surpass towards our goal!

Please imagine if there is no movement like ours – Periyar’s – will it be possible for the depressed and the  downtrodden to get education and employment and empowerment. 3Es (Education, Employment and Empowerment) are being achieved. Last E includes  eradication  of caste system through continuous  and consistent battles to wage and win!

Question : Persons who have secured comparatively less marks in examination and in the selection process are successful in education and employment opportunities due to reservation mechanism. Persons who secured high marks are deprived of their rights. Will not this trend lead to decline in the merit and efficiency in the governance of the State?

- Elangovan, Thanjavur

Answer : The argument of ‘merit and efficiency’ is often used as tool to prevent Social Justice to be ensured as distributive Justice. Starving stomachs must be filled up first; then those who are half-starved and then stomach full persons.

We are not for admitting of failed candidates. When in the running race- if the physically disabled persons are to be competitors are given handicap. Just to enable  them to participate and make them emboldened to compete.

There can  be equality among equals. There cannot be equality among the  unequals. To create equality at times this is the  method to be adopted to  socially handicapped people.
The so called merit and efficiency has not given us any government to be known for honesty, integrity and free form corruption.

So far only meritorious people are the authors of scams and scandals in our bureaucratic sect. What is the case of Ketan Desai of MCI  (Medical Council of India). Public memory is very short indeed! Mere marks alone are not the yardsticks to measure the  real merit and efficiency.

Question : Dravidar Kazhagam has been making propaganda against the Hindu religious rituals and practices but not so against the belief and practices of other religions. Why do you discriminate like this? Is it not against rationalist approach?

- Anbazhagan, Ariyalur

Answer : It is a baseless charge; It is far from truth . Dravidar Kazhagam never exempts any religion or  meaningless rituals.

Since 80 per cent  of the indigenous population are Hindus and the source of discrimination is caste system. Since the philosophy of discrimination  is in the nature of  un seeables, untouchables we are giving first priority to it.  Other religions are only within 10 per cent. Proportionately we are eliminating the evils in  them. If Dravidar Kazhagam  says ‘there is no god’;  it does not exempt  Muslim god or Christian god.

Discrimination by  birth , caste and women slavery are obvious untouchability  and  major in  Hindu religion  and we are the aggrieved persons. Hence we concentrate,discuss and bestow  more on propaganda against Hindu religion

Question : The Eelam Tamils, who repatriated from their home land due to the ethnic war, over more than two and half decades have settled in other countries. At this odd survival situation, it appears in media that they discriminate among themselves based on caste identity. Do you have any specific propaganda agenda against this social situation under Globalisation of Periyar’s ideals?

- A.Murali, Madurai

Answer : First the Eelam Tamils should be assured of their basic livelihood and human rights. They even as immigrants they still practice caste is very distressing fact. They must be assured of all the rights in our country. Yes, we have!

Question : Many prominent scientists are not atheists. Why are they so? Can you bring out the historical brief and the contributions made by the scientists, who have proclaimed themselves as atheists, in The Modern Rationalist, serially?

- Gorky, Chennai

Answer : A very good suggestion. We  will carry a special feature in the Modern Rationalist from 2013  onwards.

Most of the scientists are afraid of facing criticism.They do not have boldness to proclaim the truth. And  now slowly and steadily the mist gets cleared off. For instance Richard Dawkins  and late  lamented Christopher Hitchens (author of the book , ‘ God is not Great !’) are in the lime light for their explicit atheist propaganda .

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