The Bharatiya Janata Party may have once spearheaded the Ram temple movement but its controversial Rajya Sabha member Ram Jethmalani has no qualms about describing the hero of the Ramayana as a “bad husband.”

Speaking at a function on Thursday to launch a book on man-woman relationship, Mr. Jethmalani said, “Ram was a bad husband. I don’t like him at all. Just because some fishermen said something, he sent that poor woman [Sita] to exile.”

He also took a jibe at Lakshman by saying he was “even worse.”

“When Sita was abducted, Ram asked him to go and find her as she was abducted during his watch. Lakshman simply excused himself saying she was his sister-in-law and he never looked at her face, so he wouldn’t be able to identify her,” Mr. Jethmalani said. Earlier, he spoke against the misuse of religion and said: “Today we are at the crossroads of the very fate of this planet. Religion has totally changed. Religion has produced terror. Religion has produced those who issue fatwas of murder…”

Courtesy: The Hindu – November 09, 2012

However obstinate or devoted you may be to a bluntly false cause your bogus loyalty will surely be exposed one day or the other. After all, “Man is the born enemy of untruth” and you cannot continue forever cheating yourself and hood winking others, with such most unreasonable concoctions.

The brief and instantaneous busting out of a person of Jethmalani’s stature and his venerable position in the B.J.P is just a tip of the iceberg! There could be innumerable such rationalists hiding themselves in the saffron garbs, obviously for political gains and eliminate prejudices. Of course the voice of reason cannot be suppressed for long.

To day no political party can run the politics in TamilNadu because Thanthai Periyar and his Self Respect Movement had said these truths to the people and made them matured. Was Rama worst husband? No, more than that he was a worst man also!

How was Rama?

  • During his younger days itself he struck Jhadagai and Kooni with stones.
  •  Rama insulted Soorpanagai, the sister of Ravanan, he was so inhuman in cutting her nose and the breast.
  •  Rama ( though, he has said to be the incarnation of God), he was the cruel most rogue  since he had doubted his own wife’s chastity  and urged her to jump into the flames.
  •  Rama sent Sita to the forest, when she was in advanced pregnancy

How was Rama Rajya?

While he was ruling, one Brahmin boy died. For that it was felt by him the reaon was the deterioration of Varnashrarna Dharna (Each caste is destined with its own traditional social duties, violation will not be tolerated) one Sunbugan, a Sudra performed  penance. A Sudra has no right to do so it was against the system. So, Rama without conducting any enquiry, straight away  went to Sambugan and cut him in to pieces  by his sword and by thus, killed the royal justice.

  •  He was a drunkard, having drunk many varieties of liquors.
  •  He was coward, killing Vali, by hiding himself behind the tree.

Rama, who had committed all this is fit to be tried in witness stand under various sections of the Indian Penal code.

Though the Ramayana was not of true happenings, Rama had been depicted as divine personality, The RSS and the orthodox Hindu Organisations are adamant to build temple for him. But Thanthai Periyar and Self Respect Movement consistently have been exposing how the Character of Rama as per the purnanic epics!    

Now the colour of ‘Lord Rama’ is being washed away since the false screen is removed now by Ram Jeth Malani. Oh!  Devotees of Rama!

Get yourselves corrected at least now! Read Thirukkural instead of Ramayana; spread out the message of Thirukkural!

Courtesy: Viduthalai -  November 9,2012

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