Asiriyar Answers

Question : Is it not unfair to continue reservation in education and employment opportunities without a definite period ?

K.U.Dhileepan, Chennai

Answer : Who started reservation in education and employment opportunities? Is not the Manu Smirithi?It is the forerunner of reservation in education for Brahmins, and other division of labourers (not division of labour as distorted by the vested interests) to be ruled and to be condemned – the majority Shudras and Panchamas fourth and the fifth castes   and to make them slaves  without any right to get education or decent employment.When did it start? Many many millenniums ago!

The evil of this   time -  immemorial  social injustice has to be rectified; to be compensated to the disadvantaged . That is why this Affirmative Action. No question of terminus in this rectification.

 It all depends on when the depressed and down-trodden millions  get adequate opportunities . It is quite fair that affirmative action i.e. reservation has  to continue till equality is achieved among all. Adequacy means till it is equalized!

Even today the reservation is not followed in higher judiciary and many more important  executive and science departments. There cannot  be equality among the unequals.

Question : How do you feel and perceive the death of Savita Halappanavar due to failure in providing medical care and treatment in Ireland ?

S.N.Anbumani, Madurai

Answer : How atrocious the religious obscurantism is! When a hospital is opened,  medical doctors should be governed by the Hippocratic Oath and not by their religious fanaticism. Religion in the past has killed thousands of Savita Halappannavars. Even in the 21st century this kind  of primitive thinking , haunting  the minds of the Irish people clearly proves how religion is the opium and it needs to be destroyed.

It should be condemned by all humanists. Humanism knows no boundaries of colour, creed or countries. It is a high time the ‘World’s Conscience' should be awakened.

Question : Dravidar Kazhagam is an atheist movement  not having belief in god. Then why do you emphasise appointment of priests , belonging to all castes in temples ?

 S.Shanthi, Dharmapuri

Answer : Of course we ,the Periyarists are atheists; we emphasise archakas (priests) in the temples  irrespective of the caste ,to be appointed and it is a question of equal human right . It is not bhakthi; we are not aspiring to become archakas; when our own kith and kin are socially discriminated and denied equal opportunities, we shall fight for their rights in human right angle.

Question : The Periyar Trust runs many educational institutions. Are you adhering to reservation norms in the admission of students ?

D.R.Sarita, Thirupparankundram

Answer : Definitely!Any body could come and verify. We give due opportunities even to upper caste boys and girls proportionately. The admission process is transparent.

Question : The deceit of God-men are exposed to the public then and there; even then many of the public go behind them . Why?

S.Nayagara, Thirunagar

Answer :  Such is the power of stupidity and superstition. Even after our exposure of their superstition and exploitation, (as per your statement) many of  the public go behind them.  Kindly imagine , if this mission of ours  is not undertaken  what would be the magnitude of the masses get dubed and cheated. In spite of medical colleges and health education, the disease of dengue fever, cancer etc. are infecting diseases in our country. That shows that the campaign exposing  god men is to be  more intensified.

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