State and Religion in India

Indian constitution proudly claims to establish a secular democratic state in India. However, certain provisions in the constitution itself and the practices of government office holders and many political leaders and parties do not reflect the secular ethos.

It is true that India did not have had the legacy of renaissances and enlightenment, the precursors of secular spirit, as in Europe. Though leaders of the Indian freedom movement championed the vision of liberal, democratic, secular, egalitarian society, largely it remained lip-service and the masses had not imbibed the cultural prerequisites required for its realization in practice.

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Asiriyar Answers

Question : Is it not unfair to continue reservation in education and employment opportunities without a definite period ?

K.U.Dhileepan, Chennai

Answer : Who started reservation in education and employment opportunities? Is not the Manu Smirithi?It is the forerunner of reservation in education for Brahmins, and other division of labourers (not division of labour as distorted by the vested interests) to be ruled and to be condemned – the majority Shudras and Panchamas fourth and the fifth castes   and to make them slaves  without any right to get education or decent employment.When did it start? Many many millenniums ago!

The evil of this   time -  immemorial  social injustice has to be rectified; to be compensated to the disadvantaged . That is why this Affirmative Action. No question of terminus in this rectification.

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Why We Believe in God[s] by J Anderson Thomson

- A Review – R.K.Sudan

At the first glimpse, one wonders why this 140 paged small format was brought out in a book form when all this could well have been published online as an essay. However, the author explains that he wanted to write a small book which the reader can go through in a couple of hours. Point taken, but you certainly need more than that a couple of days actually.

Anderson tries to explain scientifically how faith evolved in human mind whereas it has been proved that no ‘god centre’ existed in the brain. Darwin’s Natural Selection is based on the concept of adaptation to the environment.

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Many of us don’t know how to seek happiness for ourselves and how to utilize it for our enjoyment. Often we don’t realize the value of what we have at hand and that it is a great opportunity to sustain our joy. We miserably lose this by an unwanted comparison with the status of the others around us. Jealousy creeps in unaware. This eventually begins the process of sorrow.

Some years back, many philosophers and historians jointly conducted a seminar in the U.S. The purpose of the seminar was to seriously study if we all returned to a family life pattern that existed some two hundred years back, would it be a better life than the present one. They had serious discussions on them.

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The Bharatiya Janata Party may have once spearheaded the Ram temple movement but its controversial Rajya Sabha member Ram Jethmalani has no qualms about describing the hero of the Ramayana as a “bad husband.”

Speaking at a function on Thursday to launch a book on man-woman relationship, Mr. Jethmalani said, “Ram was a bad husband. I don’t like him at all. Just because some fishermen said something, he sent that poor woman [Sita] to exile.”

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