The great humanist and eminent social revolutionary Periyar E.V.Ramasamy associated himself with public activities at various social planks with utmost sincerity during his earlier days and associated himself formally with Congress Party in 1919.

Due to the tactful discriminative treatment meted out and suppressive measures adopted against the socially stratified masses at lower rung  Periyar felt that it would not be ideal to continue in Congress Party and left it  in 1925, on humanistic ground.

In order to enable the rationalist  propaganda activities, thereby to ensure the quality and equal opportunities for all the masses in the society, Periyar founded Self- Respect  Society which later became a mass movement. Self-Respect is the basic trait of every human.

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Any dogma , irrespective of its religious orientation, negating the self-respect of any  person individually or collectively and ordaining it as the dictum , pronounced by so called god was not  acceptable. It was not only unacceptable but also subject to opposition  leading to the demolition of such dogmatic pronouncements and practices as meaningless.

When the Self-Respect Movement grew as a mass movement and its proliferation of propaganda path gained momentum, Periyar felt , to sustain such progressive activities, some sort of  registered  organisation  had to be established. It was in 1929 Periyar made that endeavour by duly passing of resolution to that effect at the First Self-Respect State Conference held in Chingleput. Organisational establishment had to be coupled with suitable persons to administer and monitor the activities assigned to them.

Dedicating the Mobile Cancer Detection Centre

Periyar was very much clear  through his practical acumen that managing the movement and managing the registered organisation were different  in the approach to be adopted. To manage the organisation , ideologically committed and administratively able functionaries were required.  As the activities of the movement got intensified  with the mass support Periyar felt seriously about the formation of the registered organisation in 1945 and ultimately the thought process got crystallised in 1952. A registered body was duly formed as The Periyar Self-Respect Propaganda Institution (PSRPI). It was registered as a  Charitable Trust.

Dedicating the Mobile Computer Education  Centre

The Founder President  of the  PSRPI was naturally Periyar E.V.Ramasamy and his wife E.V.R.Maniammai was nominated as its Secretary. Periyar married Maniammai in 1949, who was active in the affairs of Self-Respect Movement. Periyar proclaimed  that the marriage was meant for the organisational security and its sustenance and not for mere conjugal life. After the demise of Periyar in 1973,  and E.V.R. Maniammai  in 1978 , Dr.K.Veeramani, the then General Secretary and the presently President of Dravidar Kazhagam was made  Secretary of PSRPI.

From the level of Public Trust owning a daily newspaper and magazines. Printing Office ,two printing machines, books publications and its copyright, PSRPI has grown and developed as a stronger trust spreading its multi-various services under the proactive guidance of Dr.K.Veeramani.  With the support of collective wisdom, responsibilities of the ideologically committed and disciplined dutiful cadres as Trustees, PSRPI has been able to prove its purpose as forecast by its founder Periyar.

Dr. S. Jagadesh Chandra Bose

At present, the PSRPI  manages  many service rendering centres at Chennai, Trichirapalli, Thanjavur, Jayamkondam, Sholinganallur  and Salem in Tamil Nadu and at the capital city, New Delhi which include FIVE hospitals nearly 50 educational and medical centres, children home etc. Many Chief Ministers of the  States  donated to the corpus of PSRPI. In that way PSRPI is entirely a People’s Public Charitable Trust.

PSRPI was instituted with due registration on 23rd September 1952. On 23rd September 2012 , PSRPI completes its 60 years of public service  in the cause of propagating the revolutionary ideals of Periyar. As a mark of the completion of 60 years of humanistic service its Diamond Jubilee was organised at Periyar Centenary Educational Campus, Trichy on 23rd September ,2012. It was not a mere festive occasion but many service activities were commenced at the time of the  celebration.

Prof. E. Arunan

Mobile Cancer Detective Centre was dedicated at the  time of the Diamond Jubilee of PSRPI. The purpose of the Mobile Unit is to detect breast and cervical cancer. Women are hesitant to reveal any thing they notice as abnormal in their bodies. In order to create awareness as well as to detect cancer at the initial stage of its incidence, PSRPI has dedicated to this noble cause.

The Oncologists couple, Dr.Govidaraj and Dr.Saipriya of Harshamitra Cancer  Hospital and Research Centre  are very much supportive of PSRPI’s cause. The medical Couple came forward to donate 50 percent of the cost of the touring of the mobile van (Rs. 11000/-). Besides to create computer awareness and its knowledge among the youngsters, a mobile computer education center was dedicated on the occassion.

Mr. P. Kuberan

The dignitaries who were helpful  and responsible for  the progress of PSRPI were invited to the Diamond Jubilee and they were felicitated by Dr. K.Veeramani, Secretary of PSRPI. Mr.S.Rajarathinam ( Tax Consultant), Mr.A.Namasivayam (Former Executive Director, Indian Overeas Bank), Mr.VKN.Kannappan (Industrialist cum Philanthropist), Mr. Nalla Krishnamurthy (Vallalar- Idealogue), Senior Advocate, Mr. Thiagarajan practising at Madras highcourt and Mr. Veerasekaran,Advocate Mrs.Sorna Aranganathan (Philanthropist), Mr.T.Mahalingam ( Personal Assistant to Periyar ), Mrs. Meera Jagadeesan (in the honour of late Vadaseri T.Jagadeesan- Executive Committee Member of PSRPI at its foundation) were felicitated recalling their contributions with gratitude.

Looking back…!

So far, through the 4 hospitals, PSRPI has rendered medical  services to nearly 27 lakhs patients with the supply of free medicines worth about Rs 3.99 crores. The educational opportunities were provided through 13 institutions to nearly 34,000 students and employment opportunities to about 200 teaching staff and 100 non-teaching staff. Pension  is granted to 36  aged and disabled  persons, lacking support and the pension amount so far disbursed works out to about Rs 2.04 lakhs.

While addressing Dr.K.Veeramani, Secretary , PSRPI narrated the sequence of hardship events that took place to win over the litigation pending in the Court of Law to get recognition of Public Trust character to PSRPI. The Diamond Jubilee of PSRPI concludes not as an appreciating endeavour but as an event of expressing to the dignitaries  who are very keen for the successful journey of 60 years of PSRPI. Besides PSRPI rededicates its vision and mission in the cause of welfare of the people and ensuring equality among them.

PSRPI remains as inimitable Charitable Public Trust , unparalleled of its kind due  to its unique nature of being managed by  a Social Revolutionary Mass  Movement

Periyar  E.V. Ramasamy, the great social revolution emulated and translated his philosophy into active by endowing all his wealth and the donations he received from public in his life time – “ Forget god and think of humabeys”

It is a positive action of the sel-respect movement

Periyar E.V.Ramasamy, the great social  revolutionary emulated and translated his philosophy into action by endowing all his wealth and the donations, he received from the  public in his lifetime.

 'Forget God and Think of Human ' – it is the positive action of the Self-Respect Movement.

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