Epistle from the family of Periyar’s grand daughter There is no God! The Golden Saying of Periyar that  attracted the 10 year boy

Epistle from the family of Periyar’s grand daughter
There is no God! The Golden Saying of Periyar that 
attracted the 10 year boy

[The family of  Dr. Nagammal, the eldest daughter of E.V.K.Sampath and her husband   Dr. Venkatesh, son of Justice Thiru  A. Alagirisamy, former Judge of the  Supreme Court of India have sent  the following  e-mail to Dr.K.Veeramani on  17th August 2012 in which they have recollected their experience while visiting  Chennai Periyar Thidal with their daughter Dr.Sujatha,   son-in-law  Dr. Jeffrey, grandson Master Jayan and grand daughter 
Ms Rekha.]
It indeed was a pleasure and privilege to have had the opportunity to see you last week. Our daughter's family was truly impressed by the legacy of our grand uncle Periyar. They greatly appreciated your life long dedication in maintaining and propagating that legacy. But for you, the movement of social justice and reform would not have survived, since most of our so called leaders are politicians and therefore, are highly compromised. Needless to say, they are motivated by power and the resulting material gain. 
Periyar Thidal is an intellectual oasis amidst a vast and what seems to be an endless desert of ignorance and greed. Reading the inscriptions adorning the path to the torch of enlightenment, gives us hope and optimism; makes us believe that finer aspects of human life such as altruism and rationalism do exist. 
Our grandson Jayan was born on September 17, 2002. He read every plaque (at Periyar Memorial) and understood almost all. His IQ is high and goes to the gifted and talented program in school. But, the most impressive aspect of the young boy is his genuine nature, extreme modesty and incomparable goodness. When asked, "What was the most attractive statement among the inscriptions?", his reply was "There is No god!". There was no hesitation. Maybe the message is written in his genes! It is a quintessential example of the premise that character, nature and intelligence are prewired in individuals. 
Having said that, we also believe that nature can only do so much, it is nurture of the right kind that shapes human beings. We, like you, attribute the malfunctioning of humanity in general, to defective nurturing. 
Once again thank you for taking the time to talk to us and we look forward to seeing you again in the near future. We spend our time between Los Angeles and Austin, Texas. If you are in or near Los Angeles or Austin, please let us know, so that we can meet.               
With best regards
Nagu and Venkatesh






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