March towards the post-religious society – the case of Norway Even Gran, Norwegian Humanist Association (NHA)

Development of secularism in Norway From monoculturalism to diversity.  A historical overview.

Norway has its base in a traditional, monocultural society with nearly only one ethnic group, one religion, and an economy reliant on fisheries and subsistence farming. Christianity has up to the present time been the single dominant community-buliding force. And that force hasn’t always been inclusive and tolerant. 

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ASTROLOGY Periyar E.V.Ramasamy

[Jothisha is not limited to predicting the future and indicating the good and bad things to come. It goes further to indicate the measures to be taken to counter the ill effects of the planetary conjunctions, as if the poor and miserble antidotes taken by man could set aside the powerful and terrible future already drawn and irrevocably set by the planets!]

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