People are aware of religious conversion from one to another. It is novel to know a news item about the religious conversion of worshiping yartd which belonged to one religion earlier, now gets changed to another religion. If such religious places are acquired by war and by using the force, such endeavours are opposed. In case they are  acquired on economic consideration, it does not violate the dogmatic prescription. In no way the sacredness of the new incumbent –deity gets affected! The above news item was published in Times of India (Chennai) dated 30th June, 2012:

The churches are losing their significance due to poor arrival of the masses to mass prayers. The religious authorities have to close down them  due to their inability to meet the operational expenses. The deity which are believed to bring economic prosperity to the devotees have to shut down their dealings due to penury. Hindu religion is notorious for its conservative tactics is proactive in acquiring the churches for converting them as Hindus workshipping place. Whether dogmas of Hindu religion accept such acquiring ? Will not the religion which considered the fellow beings as untouchables by denying entry to them into the  temple get polluted by acquiring such church premises?

Does it practise any ritual to eliminate the so called ill effects,  created due to the practices of the earlier religion in such venues. As advocated in Hindu religious texts, a true Hindu cannot travel, crossing the waterway, because of which, the heads of Hindu religious mutts like Sankaracharyars are not undertaking bonvoyage. Under such circumstances what is the divinity and sanctity of the temple to be abode. Hindu belief exhibits inclusiveness  internationally, but remains  still exclusive with less humane domestically.

 Will the Hindu religious mutt heads come forward to perform rituals in the newly abode temple abroad, contrary to their divine rituals?

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