Many of us are crestfallen at the very first failure. We develop frustration that there is no more any way out of this tight corner and get desparate. But it is very essential to develop a resilience emerge out of shocks and sorrows of anykind. Of course it is not anything  wrong to wish that we should never fail and should always succeed in our attempts. But if you examine carefully, practically, failures and downfalls are due to many varied factors. Only those persons who resolve to face them courageously with a fortified mind to overcome all hurdles, finally achieve meritorious success in their attempts.

It is a vain boast that some have such mental strength even at their birth. This is luck otherwise termed as blind belief. No one will wail that they are not lucky if they understand the truth behind it. These things are not determined by god’s will, or fate or genetics, we should understand firmly.

Mental bravery and rational approach without getting emotional, will ensure this resilience to everyone. The storm named Kathrina in the U.S. appeared in a few seconds and raged a vast area of land driving thousands to the streets and undoing their economic stability. Are those who fought these  atrocities successfully, considered as dead ones? Not at all. The most important factor is their strength to fight and face adversities. Nature can be very destructive anywhere, and at any time.

Look at what happened during Tsunami in December 2004 in most coastal areas of South India. Innumerable fisherfolk lost everything they had, besides thousands of human lives. It is exemplary to watch them today leading a life of recovery after facing most cruel hardships. They have not thought of  an alternative to their traditional life styles inspite of such a heavy loss. Just think how much of such pragmatic wisdom can be seen among the socalled educated and well to do people.

How is it possible that the dogs are so well trained to pass through the fire rings? They do not possess even the sixth sense. But the human beings endowed with the sixth sense do not exhibit such resilence in times of trials and tribulations.

Human beings alone are sociable, capable of consoling and strengthening each other in times of adversities. Then why should we surrender to cowardice? Why should we presume that the whole world is dark?

Here are a few methods furnished to develop the resilience.

If you seriously practise them, you should be able to overcome all hurdles:

1.    Practice to face any shock or surprise with the steady heart that you can overcome any such shocks, calmly without getting excited. Lightnings do not last long, and will vanish in a moment. Therefore keep telling yourselves a thousand times that you will face them all courageously and emerge successfully. Victory then will knock at your doors, and open the gateway to happiness. For example, it you fail once in the Indian Administrative Service Examination, do not lose your  heart and give it up out of a sense of shame. This is not all desirable. Drive away failure till it runs in fear away from you. You are sure to achieve success eventually. Let it be your watchword!

2.    Develop a mentality that any shock will soon disappear and will not last long just as a dream. In fact none of us dies on a mere dream of evils. In the same way treat any of your problems as dreams and face them boldly.
    There is no household  that has not experienced death. There are no roads where accidents have not taken place. Can we therefore live in our houses shutting up ourselves for ever? Think seriously about it. We  may sometimes develop problems of digestion, but can we starve without eating, based on this reason? Shocks are also similar to this; will not last long, but will disappear soon. Summon courage and drive away fear.

3.     We should be steadfast in our heart. Only those iron rods which were heated and beaten several times take clear shapes. The gold that was molten in fire emerges out as a pure gold. The experience of shock also is very similar to these processes.

4.     Unceasing efforts will knockdown your falls and raise your lives.

5.     Get into your efforts with full confidence. Do not expect others to  lend their hands to you.

6.     Do not avoid your self confidence, your genuine friends and the social structures that come forward to help you achieve self sufficiency. Make best use of them.

7.     Develop the creativity in you; if one door is closed, seek other doors that are open.

8.     Live always with positive thinking. Do not live, accumulating negative thoughts. Positive thinking takes us  forward while the negative thinking makes us fall into the potholes of failures.

9.     Remain with a good sense of humour always. This sense of humour saves us most often from despair. There are innumerable sorrows hidden in the hearts of those comedians and actors who make us roar with laughter. Just seriously consider this paradox.

10.     Develop purity of purpose in life and a sharp insight.
Your journey will end in great success beyond all the potholes in life.

- Translated by Prof. S.F.N.Chelliah

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