- Prof. S.F.N.Chelliah

A political leader in Great Britain was once prosecuted for calling the King a fool. The charge: he exposed a government secret! What transpires today in Vatican is nothing short of this comic episode. Vatican does not seem to reform any of her outdated inherent foibles, but seems to be very annoyed and busy with plugging holes all over her administrative venues, being leaked out to the world in large number today.

This may not surprise a diligent reader. The pillars of the so called faith are all gradually crumbling under the enlightenment of her faithful by the scientific progress and the consequent scientific temper catching up so fast among them. If this is the case of the most strongly structured and institutionalised religion, the damage for other religions with weaker structures could be much more. Reason is surely extending its mighty domain over the unfounded structures of surmise and fear! ‘Faith’ in the Catholic Church is a synonym for a blind adherence to a two thousand year old premises, constructed by various political and cultural vested interests.

This fact has been vindicated in the hard and fast rule of the Catholic Church insisting on her followers to pronounce “credo” during every Sunday Mass. “Credo” is an act of faith of which vast majority of the congregation who sings in loud chorus does not understand even a letter. This declaration of faith must have been composed centuries back, when neither the composers nor the chanters had any access to reason or common sense!

The following report from the “Sunday Times” (India) dated 3rd June 2012 gives a graphic picture of the urgent and anxious moments in the Vatican, reminding us of the adage “Mountains were in labour and delivered a mouse!”

Vatileaks: Hunt is on to find Vatican moles

Already this year we have read about documents warning of a ‘death threat’ against the Pope, widespread nepotism and corruption, exiled whistle-blowers, gay smear campaigns and embarassing revelations about the Vatican’s tax affairs. Most of the damaging of the “Vatileaks” were revealed by the reporter Gianluigi Nuzzi in a series of TV programmes and now his new book Sua Santita (Your holiness).

As ever, lumbering several steps behind, the powers that be at the Holy See last month set out to catch the mole or moles behind the leaks – which they refer to as ‘criminal acts.’ The Pope’s butler has already been nabbed in possession of some of the confidential papers. But few people think he acted alone.

This week, we learnt that an unnamed Italian cardinal is now a suspect. But even if all the leakers are caught, few observers think that there is an end in sight for the PR disasters that have blighted the reign of 85-year- old Pople Benedict XVI.

For Valerio Gigante, a vaticanoligist at the Adista religious news website, the church is suffering a moral crisis. “The contradiction at the heart of the church grows greater all the time. It exists for moral reasons but also generates huge amounts of money and is ever more occupied with political and economic power,” he said.

Another Vatican watcher, Robert Mickens of The Tablet, has a simpler take on the Holy See’s woes. “It is arrogance. The people in charge still think the Vatican is above ordinary law.”

He says last week’s sacking of the Vatican Bank Chief Ettore Gotti T Redeschi was another example of this. Mr. Gotti Tedeschi is believed by many to have fallen foul of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican’s number two and the Pope’s Chief of staff, by insisting on more stringent anti-corruption rules.
Observers also point to the Vatican’s decision in April to censure nuns in the US for daring to “disagree with or challenge positions taken by the bishops” on key social issues.” All these things are symptoms of a bigger problem. The structure of the Vatican – an absolute monarchy – is no longer suitable for the modern world,” said

Mr. Mickens.
Courtesy: The Sunday Times – June 3, 2012

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