CLARION CALL OF SOCIAL JUSTICE at Repalle, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

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The Forum for Social Justice, Andhra Pradesh  organised  a massive public meeting at Repalle, 42 kms away from Tenali, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh. The leading stalwart of Social Justice Movement Dr.K.Veeramani, President, Dravidar Kazhagam

was invited as the Chief Guest and to  specially address at the meeting. The meeting was held at 6 p.m. on 10th May, 2012 at the play ground of Government Junior College, Repalle.

In connection with the participation at the public meeting Dr.K.Veeramani paid one day visit to Andhra Pradesh. The visit was fully utilized for the cause of Social Justice.

A warm reception was accorded to Dr.K.Veeramani at the early morning hours of 10th May, 2012 at Tenali Railway Station. The functionaries of Forum for Social Justice received him. Dr.K.Veeramani was accompanied by V.Nehru, President and V. Kumaresan, General Secretary, the Rationalists’ Forum, Tamil Nadu.,and former Judge R.Paranjothi.

Around 11.30 a.m. a Press meet was convened at the residence of Kesana Sankar Rau, Hon’ble President of Forum for Social Justice. A good gathering of Telugu press media and tele media participated in the meet. Dr.K.Veeramani commenced the meet with  a brief speech thus:“In the name of god and religion majority sections of the society were denied both educational and employment opportunities.

The objective of Social Justice is to make available  opportunities for all, since  people in the society are not socially equal. Equal competition must be made only in the societies where people are socially equal. Equals must be treated equally. If unequals are treated equally it will create inequalities further.

In order to compensate the inequality, compensatory discrimination is made available to the oppressed masses through  the reservation in seats for the oppressed masses of (Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, and Minorities). Due representation must be given to all sections of the people in the society in governing the nation. The dominant sections who have been enjoying all the privileges are pointing out one reason or other to weaken the reservation system, thereby making it meaningless.

To support this argument, the dominant forces point out that the percentage of reservation must be in proportion of the population of the community in the society. They say out that the caste wise census was enumerated in1931.

Afterwards there was no enumeration in that respect. So the percentage of reservation for the various categories of oppressed section viz. SC, ST, OBC and Minorities is not realistic. From the side of Social Justice Movement, it is argued that the actual population of the oppressed sections are much more.

The percentage of reservation prescribed is far below  their respective population. However, due to the persistent appeal and thrust given to the Government, caste wise census is in progress. Now the same ruling dominant class is diverting the issue by blaming that the caste wise census will widen the caste identity by discriminating people in the society, thereby harming the social harmony.

The ruling class, in order to retain their share in  authority and power , will blame anyone as well as to any extent. Both the cadres and functionaries of Social Justice Movement are prepared to face any eventualities to ensure the implementation of enabling provisions of Social Justice as enshrined in Indian Constitution.

With this brief introduction by Dr.K.Veeramani, the press reporters were invited to  ask questions and clarifications. Invariably all the press reporters raised questions which were answered by the Chief Guest. The path of Social Justice has to be focussed on new lines in the changing liberalised, economic policies formulated and implemented during the  past decade in the country.

The press reporters were distributed with the text of the speech (8 paged folder) title “Legacy of Social Justice, Current Trend and Challenges” and a booklet titled “Reservation : Not a charity – A Birth Right for Parity” written by Dr.K.Veeramani. With this interaction the press reporters meet concluded.
The meeting  at Rapalle was started sharply by 6.00 p.m. Dr.K.Veeramani along with the leaders of various social justice organisations and the functionaries of  Forum for Social Justice occupied the dais.

Advocate Kesana Rama Koteswara Rao, President of the Forum for Social Justice welcomed the gathering and briefed the co-ordinated efforts undertaken by the Forum for Social Justice exceeding the barriers of political parties.

Kesava Sankar Rau, Hon’ble President of Forum for Social Justice presided over the meeting. While delivering his presidential address, he spoke thus:
“We are very much privileged to have the presence of Dr.K.Veeramani, the ideological disciple of Periyar E.V.R. and Chief Guest of this meetring.

Politicians are concerned only about the welfare of the current human generation whereas statesmen would be concerned more about future generation. The stalwart of Social Justice Movement Dr.K.Veeramani with his statesmanship would consolidate the scattered, suppressed masses for their social liberation and to live equally along with the fellow citizerns.

We are prepared to fight for the cause of Social Justice under the leadershlip of Dr.K.Veeramani.”While addressing V.Kumaresan, General Secretary, the Rationalists’ Forum spoke thus:“Tamil Nadu is pioneering on Social Justice front due to the service rendered and sacrifice made by Periyar and his movement.

Even in British India, reservation system was enforced in education and employment  during the rule of Justice Party.  The leadership of the Justice Party  came to Periyar later. Justice party was renamed as Dravidar Kazhagam. After the dawn of political independence in the country, the reservation in educational opportunities could not withstand under the provisions of Indian Constitutional Law.

Periyar revolted immediately and led many agitations advocating reservation in educational institutions which was instrumental for the First Amendment of the Constitution in 1951 through the insertion of Art. 15 (4).
The total reservation for SC, ST, MBC, BC in Tamil Nadu has been at 69 percent,  when there was no ceiling fixded for the total reservation in the constitution. Based on the obiter dictum of the Supreme Court, the ceiling was made as 50%. 

In order to protect the prevailing 69% which is above 50%, Dr.K.Veeramani advised the then rulers in the State to enact an exclusive act under Article 31 (c) so that it can be included in the IX Schedule  of the Indian Constitution which would be  immune from the judicial review.

Such insertion of Tamil Nadus Reservation Act was enabled by the 76th Constitutional Amendment. Dr.K.Veeramani is responsible for this amendment. Because of the historical achievements during the past in the path of SocialJustice in Tamil Nadu under the leladership of Periyar Movement, it is leading the whole nation in the cause of Social Justice.”
The Chief guest of the Social Justice public meeting delivered the special address as follows:
“Social Justice concept is very simple. One train is plying to Repalli from Tenali daily with intermittant stations at Vemuru and Kolluru. When the train departs  Tenali, all the compartments would not be filled.

Only limited passengers would board the train. Since many seats are vacant, the sitting passengers may travel in sleeping posture. When the train arrives at Vemuru,  more passengers would board the train and at Kolluru some more passengers would do and the compartment would be filled.

At that stage, passengers, who boarded at the later stations would ask the sleeping passengers to get up and sit  so that they could get the seat accommodation. A prudent and reasonable sleeping passenger has to accept the request of the  passengers arrived later and  offer the seat to them. If the sleeping passenger is adamant, what would the latter boarded passengers  do ?”

This is what  has been happening for so many years. When the oppressed  have to get education and employment, the oppressive people who have been enjoying the privileges more than their requirements have to compromise themselves in providing accommodations to others who were denied of such privileges.

This is the concept of Social Justice. The purpose of Social Justice Movement is to get due share in all the opportunities.
Periyar used to meet the public and address as many meetings as possible. In one of such meetings, Periyar was explaining,  that people have been divided as per manusmirithi. Manusmirithi  says all are not equal. Men born from the face of Brahmma became Brahmins, men born from the shoulder of Brahmma became Shatriyas, thigh born became Vaisyas and foot born became Sudras.

While explaining thus, Periyar said there is yet another sect who are considered very low in the society called ‘Panchama’. Immediately , one person stood up and asked Periyar, “How were Panchamas born?”“ Periyar replied, “Perhaps, they may be the only sect who were born to their parents in a natural way.”
People are not equal but divided with a grade lower than their status. This was pointed out by Dr.B.R.Ambedkar as ‘graded inequality’. Every sect is satisfied in the prevalence of another sect lower than them without bothering to come up equal to the sect who are above them in the social ladder.

The cause of Social Justice is to uplift the downtrodden. To attain it, reservation provision is a strategic approach. Eventhough, 65 years have passed by since the attainment of political independence, the enabling provisions for reservations in the Indian Constitution are not fully implemented. There are areas where the provision of reservation has not entered at all. Apex judiciary layer and Defence are such few among such unimplemented areas.

Besides, due to the change in economic policy of the country, privatisation and disinvestment of public entities are on the increase. The scope for future employment in Government / public sectors are coming down. The next stage in the journey of Social Justice is to introduce reservation in private sector both in education and employment.

Having enjoyed the patronage of Government and availed the infrastructure created by the Government through public exchequer, it is the constitutional obligation on the part of the private sector to implement reservation for the depressed classes with all sincerity.

If any lacuna is witnessed in it, the Social Justice Movement will carve out agitational agenda with the support of  organisations like Forum for Social Justice and with the people who have assembled here. No one can continue in political power without accomplishing the agenda of Social Justice. The days ahead are for the cause of Social Justice. Let us strive ourselves hard in the cause!

The English speech of Dr.K.Veeramani was translated in Telugu by the Advocate Kesan Rama Koteeswara Rao, President of the Forum for Social Justice/ Many other leaders like Kesana Ramaswamy – Senior Advocate, Leader of Weaker Sections, Prof. Gattu Satyanarayana – former Principal, Arts and Science University College, Osmania University, Prof. S.Vijaya Raju – Nagarjuna University, K.Sunil Goud – Members, Andhra Pradesh Bar Council Member, and Andhra Pradesh Advocates’ Welfare Fund, Venteru Ravi Babu Yadhav – Member, Andhra Pradesh Film Censor Board, Kokkiligadda Venkata Narasimha Rao – Correspondent, Viswavidya Peetam Kothapalem, Nizampatnam Mandal spoke in the meeting.

The public meeting came to an end by 9.00 pm. The assembled gathering were in rapt attention throught.




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