Dr.K.Veeramani: I have to quote here the definition given by Baba Saheb Dr.B.R.Ambedkar for the word Brahminism.

1. Brahmins uphold the sense of superiority and inferiority among various classes of people.

2. Brahmins totally neglect Sudras and Untouchables.

3. Brahmins totally prevent Sudras and Untouchables from getting education and educational opportunities.

4. Brahmins totally prevent Sudras and Untouchables from occupying any posts or positions of power.

5. Brahmins impose a ban for possession of assets by Sudras and Untouchables.
These are the qualities of Brahmins listed out by Dr.Ambedkar. Brahmins are upholders of these qualities. Therefore, is it possible to oppose Brahminism alone, without opposing Brahmins? Can you fight with a shadow, leaving the figure causing the shadow unopposed? No individual is our enemy.

(From the Interview given to ‘Alive’)

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